search art – do i have a clue? are clues required?

We kind of have the Search Art text and recordings for the SotQ up.. The more I thikng of it, the texts, the more it seems other stuff should have been said, or added, or something,, 16k ++ words are not enough – specially when some stuff is missing..

We talk re people seem to have both an innate searchness and some sort of fear/anxiety.. > ??
* Search anxiety..
* Security of falseness? (Meaning and truth.. Religion and science?)
* Reactions to skateboarding.. (My dread of not surfing..)

* Hunting.
* Gathering
* P2ping
–> modes of doing basic stuff(??)

* Aesthetics – are we talking re search aesthetics??
* Artists – if they do search, what exactly they kind of do??
{a search rather than a research apparatus? Like airports “security”..?)

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