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Some people seem to consider having a hope for a better future as hopeful. In fact, some people might sort of worship hope by cultivating “positive” hopefulness. Often via actually feeling good thinking that future events will be better than today’s.
This kind of process is pretty instinctive and as such perhaps important, however, I think it is also misleading. Maybe because its importance, it could be an idea to imagine the hope process slightly differently.. Less religiously and more free..?

Through hardship times, it is hard not to help preservering via thoughts that soon – or at some Future – life will be easier to practice.
This is a projection onto a time that clearly is not here now.
However, future Being unknown, might be easier as much as it might also be harder. That is where I think Hopefullness fails. Once hope becomes a regular practice, the present is always hopeful, but full of crap. Else hope culture can not survive..

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