shall we get a Mx?

A Mx?

A “gender neutral title“.. You know?

Why get a title?

When we put down a Ms, Miss or Mrs, do we not find ourselves complicit in some ancient perceptions of binary male/female prime roles?

Maybe, but why title?

Might be making lives easier for people who’s gender is not entirely specific?

Who’s gender is entirely specific when the clothes and masks are off.. But still – why title?

Well.. When we have titles, why not have a Mx option?

But still – why title?

Sure.. There’s the technical question of how to implement titles. Interesting how the questions of legality intersect with programming, no?

Yes.. Also the pragmatic programmer’s solution to not have titles if can get away with it.. Which brings us back to Why titles?

..and the legislation seems to be talked about. Good news, no?

Check the context.. Conservative MPs with a conservative government find it interesting to consider gender neutrality… Sounds like a marketing push, no?

Does it bring you back yo why titles?

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