signed up for DiEM25 yet?

Why would I want to sign with DiEM25?

ARRGGHHAA!! Any easier data to read?

A wikipedia version?

A short manifesto?

Anyway, why now?

Yes.. Its been going since feb 16′.. Had it in various links.. Just didn’t kind of had the time space mind to check.. Know the feeling?

So.. Will I get involved?

Sounds interesting.. Questions of democracy, transparency.. Why not?

Does it not feel like a very uncreative effort?

HUH? Why uncreative? Its a fresh approach to the question of democracy in the eu.. C’ommon! Are you seriously calling this out on creativity?

Oh!.. Did I say creative..? Well.. I mean that the approach is expressive, demonstrative.. They set goals, they set a “vision” and projects they believe will influence the EU to alter in a certain way.. Hoping a democratic way.. Yes?

So.. Get involved?

Well.. If I thought that creativity through demonstrative and expressive ways is interesting – perhaps I would..

Wow!! LOL Hold on.. This writing.. Is it not creative in expressive and demonstrative ways..?

Maybe.. If it is – am trying to rid these demo-expressive elements.. Does the questioning and discursive way not altering the expressions a bit?

Well.. What do I imagine something like diem25 be if it wasn’t demo-expressive?

lol.. Perhaps going to their website, it wouldn’t feel such a top down structure?

Ah! That might be just a presentation thing.. I think, as I hinted, they will try to set a network to question.. A network or some sort of link beginnings to get From a question of a pan european democracy – of the network itself, rather than some other stuff.. If you want Other people to do stuff while not Being – rather than doing – yourself, where is the alternative?

Because the group will need power to affect its way?

Yes.. Then the group requires a silent interval between what it wants and the means to get it.. Happens everytime, no?

A silent interval?

Yes.. Like a silent agreement within the group not to critique certain actions because they are Meant to get power, and all agree that once power to affect was reached – then it will all be for “good”.. Know that kind of algorithm?

How else can you change??

Check out recent changes, or alterations that actually pause questions for powers that be.. Check peer2peer work, check wikipiedia and traditional encyclopedias, check cryptocurrencies, have a look at DAO.. These do not rely on lobbying power, expressing a vision, etc. – these create that which indeed they are, and through that, are they not affecting the world?

Yes.. But do they make it – the world – better?

I haven’t seen a “better”.. For example, we say that a more anarchic world is better.. Can we?

IDK.. Perhaps “better” is a cultural question.. Defo a moral question, no?

Well.. Is it not the case that we do not know what is better? Not in an evolutionary way?

As in, we can not tell the future, nor how stuff evolves in actuality?

Peer2peer production allows people from home, through previously unimaginable distances, on a multiple projects, with people they might never meet, and do stuff 10-20 years back might seem inconceivable. At the same time, this p2p production mode allows companies to pay less, earn more, automate, compartmentalise, exploit workforces and divide people like never before – however, would we rather fancy getting rid of p2p work modes, or can we perceive this as another attempt to provide society with abilities to enjoy life more..?

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