significance and meanings with links

Am checking stuff re epigenetics – not sure why, but perhaps that is one of the epigenetic motivators..

So was listening to: – don’t be fooled by the subject, the delivery is as dry as it gets. She is trying though.. Hopefully she’ll get better.

Anyhow, I think that through that dry delivery, and by thinking along the lines of “wow, she is saying some significant stuff, I wonder if people will find meanings in it because it might be hard to link due to the dryness of the delivery” – that it seems perhaps Significance, Meanings and Links could also be interesting in the context of epigenetics.

An epigenetic event, say an activation of some chemical in a genetic code desert – apparently there are large parts of them deserts – has to link with some genetic code to “express” itself in a significant way. No link = as if it wasn’t there. As if it didn’t happen. As if the whole chemical activation didn’t happen. Hence, if it didn’t happen, it carries an even more weight in people’s mind, and turns into a question of Meaning. It means nothing if it didn’t happen. A bit like a game that has no consequences beyond it – on some sort of championship, for example – being currently linkless, a bit like this blog 😉 is equated with being insignificant and meaningless. However, just like the game, and this blog, indeed a chemical release event – it does and did happen.
Is it not for us, as entities that can actually at least pretend to think, or consider, or imagine, which is slightly different from active & reactive chemicals, to have more ways to link with stuff we might have not known to happen? Is it not, in a strange way, giving each one of us and as various group configurations, some meanings in it self..?

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