slavework detection?

ok.. say you write some fab app for apple ios. do you know instantaneously that your fab code will be run on devices made by slaves?
Now, say you decided apple is too soaked by slave work to even bother and decided to skip slaving yourself to google’s android, so develop a fab app for firefoxOS.
Lets say that we ignore for a few mins firfox’s dances with foxxcom – or whatever their name is, the company tha6t solved suicide in its ranks by building a net to catch the people who jump..

Now, say we past all these Other technical issues and you still rather fancy writing a fab app – how do you go about considering running it on free devices? No chance at current cultural frequencies.
However – say you only fancy running it on devices made by non-slaves. You might not mind prostitutes for the time being – as in people who laboured on the devices but didn’t really want to do it if they could have had the free choice – but fancy opting to the non radical option of running your code on a slavefree devices.

Slave work free?

No slaves were used to make this device?

Are we willing to Pay for such devices?

Should we need to Pay for such devices?


However, lets remain with fab app and its code.

One could take the binary option. You could set a database of slaved devices, match the device name to database and give a message ” no way am i running on your device – slave owner!” when device name matches a slaved tagged product on the database.

Another option, I think, could be a rather more incremental and shady one. You could say something like, Hey did you know your device is slaved?
Whichever the reply, the following question is what the person is going to – or already – doing about it.
Maybe they need help saving for a device that isn’t slaved?
Maybe they want to join people who fancy making Free devices?
Maybe they were not aware of the slave issue?
Maybe they are very busy and rather fancy helping others to do stuff about slave issue?
Maybe they think that slave issue deserves a cultural process of questioning rather than ad-hoc superhero-wonna-bes taking actions by themselves?
Maybe they really couldn’t care less?
Maybe they are prostitutes that feel better having slaves?
Maybe they just fancy a conversation about the issue because they currently have no idea what to think of it?
Maybe, a very possible maybe, there are other maybe’s not here..

Point being, is that initially, I was thinking, Yes, yank the app off from all that do slaves.. (even if my own device does it. Am not proud of it, but that is the truth.)

Then, it seemed childish, binary, harsh and most of all – cultivating exactly the sort of stuff it attempts to disown – violent linking between people. If am saying effectively: if we disagree then fookoff – then am being violent, even if it is peace that am seeking.


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