Sole to soul – A Mosaic of pixels

Sole to Soul – A Mosaic of pixels
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Sole to Soul – A Mosaic of pixels
Sole to Soul will produce a mosaic made of shoe-soles to explore migrating human-souls through treating
each shoe-sole as a pixel within an evolving image.
Sole to Soul is using the interface of shoe-soles between a body to the ground, grinding slowly the sole while
leaving small fragments in its path, as a method of human-soul identity production that is an integral part of
contemporary urban socio-cultural mosaic. Shoe-soles embody paths in time-space, made by movements of
individuals and societies. These movements intertwine ground and human-souls through shoe-soles.
The activities with the interface between shoe-soles, body and ground surfaces, produce the left-over
fragments of memories and physicalities. These moving, migratory enabling movements of urban steps,
allow an emergence of a “soulsphere” in the ground underneath us. The “soulsphere” will inform our
activities of making the shoe-soles mosaic.

What we will do
Sole to Soul will link between the Mixer Gallery in Istanbul and the Turkish migrant community in Berlin
through Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt – HKW – (House of World Cultures) Summer School.
The connection with the Mixer Gallery, and the Sole to Soul mosaic that will form the evolving visuals
presented for gallery visitors, will be done through the following process:
* In the Mixer Gallery, visitors will encounter a contemporary mosaic on the floor made of a QR code pixels.
The act of capturing the QR-code in a mobile device will allow gallery visitors:

    1. To experience the pixels of the QR-code image in relation to the space in Mixer Gallery.
    2. To get the web address/link for an evolving image of a pixelated Mosaic made of shoe-soles in Berlin’s HKW, and experience the image via their mobile devices.

* In Berlin, we will borrow, for the duration of the exhibition, shoes from people of the Turkish community
based Kreuzberg district. These will be the raw materials for the Mosaic in HKW.
* The exhibition in Mixer Gallery will happen while the summer school at HKW is taking place. The focus of
the school will be: Emancipation as Navigation.
Participants in the school will use the shoe-soles that were navigated by Turkish community to Berlin as the
materials for producing a mosaic image that will explore visually and thematically the topics of the summer

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