sounds from nicking?

Does anyone nick music?


Nicking sounds – same as nicking music?

Hold on.. Why the term “to nick”?

If someone recorded a sound, a song, and I copied the recording without permission – is it not nicking?

If someone made a flute, or some string instrument – like am sure someone did eons ago – and I listened to the tunning of that instrument, and then tuned my own instrument the same, is it like I nicked something?

Is it not different when a person just listens to other person’s sounds, or music – rather than Do stuff with it?

Is it not the case that if a person used samples, they are more likely to be viewed as if there was a nick around..?

So what might be music or sound nicking?

Is that the question, or should we not go for is there a way to steal sounds or music?

Is there a way to steal an apple?

Which one, the company objects and copyrights, or the fruit?

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