starting from 1px

A while,a long while back, i had the idea of a single pixel portraits. the idea seems to come back in different ways..

It seems that in a effect, the interest’s point/place-of-departure is a numerical element of an “element”. (somehow ridiculously numerical, eg 1 pixel.) The element – which i just replaced from the term “object”* – is an image in the pixel case, however, why not a single nano-sec organism, or a 1×2 cell of a fused material, or a 1×3 “culture-collision-incident”**? etc..?

I made a few images as was thinking – but not sure am going to attach, they seem hardly interesting at all.. will need to think of that..

* I wonder if, in the context of object in art discussion/critique/theory/history, an element might offer an interesting departure/solution.. –> will need to consider and research that..

** while considering the ideas of cells, organisms and materials, it occurred to me that the cultural materiality of practices might too easily be replaced with functional technologies available or imaginable. Hence an idea of a cultural technology.. Cultural as in functions through cultural realities rather than physiological ones..

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