stuff regarding cultures & religions I get not

Noticed this report by Muslim Women’s Network UK (MWNUK) re abuse of women in contemporary Britain.
Abuse should be stopped and culturally be in a n eliminative process.
However, if this report is correct – have not yet checked my view on this, but will assume it is correct, especially for the writers/mwnuk – I think from my view its interesting that it notes:
* frontline organisations/charities that suppose to assist people in such abusive circumstances – seemingly do not touch cases that to do with muslim & asian culture/people??!!
* muslim communities apparently attempt to avoid – if not even discourage – tackling such abusive practices.

My 1st reaction to these concerns was of being miffed by how come, given the wide spread abuse of women in islamic societies, there is this network of women that actually define themselves by being muslim. It feels like they hope to change certain attitudes from within the religion – which I consider an attempt to make the sun come out from the west on earth, because religions are of mixes of revelations, beliefs, stories and powers to enforce interpretations rather than sharing questionable/arguable thoughts.
Why are they remaining within the religion and the culture of abuse?

My 2nd reaction was well, lets say there is something I do not like elsewhere in MY life, do I just leave? Will the fact I do not like the way these organisations that meant to help, disregard a plight by one group of people, make me want to leave the UK?
No. I will probably not go all the way to leave the uk, however I would use this as another example as to why Britian should have a radical break from its past. Why, apart from the land it is on, Britain should have a different being.
So in my mind, it is the physical element that is the difference.. I live in a certain pgysical environment, and not always its the right time to change that.. (though I did in the case of Palestine/Israel)

Hence – If the mind based practices, such as a religion, is infected/wrong/mistaken, why not just change your mind rather than attempt to change the minds of others..?

I do not get that..

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