surfing and searching surfing eternality searching?

Was checking past stuff at eternal internet brotherhood’s art and artists past gatherings, and bumped into:


Seems to be by manifestoforthehivemind

Looks very new aesthetics. However, perhaps the usage of terms – surfing and searching – kind of brought me back to 90’s when interneting was surfing..

I recall doing lots with layers and images, and computers being too slow for vids under.. and trying the vrml under instead..

So 1st reaction was indeed something like: wtf, this is like so well chewed! But then I had to question, the fact it Looks like some stuff, doesn’t imply it Is that stuff.. eg this one is much more networky, and free with the imagery it uses..
Also, I think it might be worth mentioning that this is just done better, precisely because it is what it is – not imagining other ways of being while attempting something else.. If this sounded muddy, its because that exactly how it was.. 😉

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