a curious case of a “security” establishment that is against biometric

databases? err.. for its personnel.. Am pasting here a g-translated¬† article,¬† hebrew -to-english, because I could not find a related data in english and i think the publisher, haaretz newspaper, ( haaretz = “the land”, a tern used on its own Only in ref to palestine, btw) seems to take off or restricts periodically access […]

a utopian ctitique?

Some people say am talking a lot about various utopias. I think its an unforytunate misreading because this attempts to understand – rather than Be – a misreading, while being slightly off-brashing.. For example: When I talk about empathic activities, is that utopian? I understand why people link it automatically to ideas of “perfect” or […]

Fair phone fun, future or fairness flop?

Noticed today the Fair Phone which supposed to be made of my mobile device wet-dreams.. I have a basic repulsive sense every-time I need to use my phone, because the 1st thing in my head is the question – How many people died for this to be an object of possibility? How many were spear-raped […]