is archiving and databasing the Wrong terms to consider art

in the way of data structuring/arranging..? In linked posts till now, I was talking/imagining in the sequence/trajectory/rhythm of: Search – activity/ies – activities/practices-self recorded/documented – the recorded/documented stuff being placed in a database of some sort – —>> Hence the db is structured to accept the data.. eg have a time/duration field, and/or place of […]

art, archives, databases and linked info – an initial links dump?

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Data archiving for art??

How artists and art orgs etc archive their data? I have seen a post or posts about this subject recently on new-media curation, nettime and probably netbehaviour as well.. Something kind of felt un-easy about this subject and probably felt sort of melancholic joy being unable to point at wtf is that feeling.. Then I […]