how – a living oedipus?

Here’s an idea to question various biases that might, in fact offer an exit into a general direction of human-to-human bias practices. Might?!? (since we are talking of childparent bias that, this text connects with a general x generation interactions.) the age bias. ie suppose that since one can not but have some kind of […]

cosmic ocean art?

oceans can come to live as cosmic #artists since their imagination comes inscribed ontologicaly in their very co2 fabric. Imagination that comes UnDone when water materiality potentialities find themselves instantiated? This doesn’t point at potentia Everywhere – and potentia as #art (as i mistakenly claimed a few life times ago). possibly in certain kinds of […]

and , + unable to plus nor comma?

evolution , + emergence + and , evolvingness , + emerging + , intelligence , untellingness + evolve , emerge + composed betweenNess + rising unforeseeness , unruly urollingness , unforeseen-tideness + inBetweenComprehensionNess + Uncomposed Comprehension sense + ruleFree unrollingness + , + + – , + – -+ , tide-By-Unforeseeness , unforeseeness-tide , swelling […]

how to wind imagine sense imagination?

How a wind memorably lingers unutterable connections through an imagination? For some – humans, other sentients, and seemingly less animated beings – frictions with winds are like dreams in european cultivated minds, they are perceived as personal, solely experienced by individuals, since wind blows are sensed while winds remain unseen. Effects and affects however, as […]

material + place specificity and death? #1

My parents died in the recent past. No. No? I have lost my parents relatively recently. No. No? I have failed my parents this way or another most of my life – and in the past few years my failures gained mortal consequences. Some people have graves to visit, re-ignite memories, feel some sense of […]

context, meanings and power?

Contextual language as a political statement? Think Marcel might turn in his grave at the thought of political links via context alterations? Perhaps more like turn a smile? How is it that altering a context is political anyway? Well.. One of the things contextual language claims that by yanking stuff out of context, we get […]

toiletpaper’s love – an emoji

for the day?

a gene, epigene kind of art gallery orientation?

a bit of a mad prions gallery? an evo-lisa epigenetic gallery? a non fantasy fantastic prion molecule gallery from images? a genetic art from images java style? a genetic cow gallery? an epigenetic landscapes? a genetic circus gallery? an epigenetic imprint? an epigenetic sculpting of stemcells circulates, still? epigenetic elements in the process of seeing/viewing, […]

which gallery does dna?

the dna from belin based international artists? a transatlantic contemporary art dna? a young artists’ dna from beauty and art marriage? a dna armchair? the dna from gallery and artists shop? a double d from dna design? the dna of an art residency invite only? a gizmo dna?

a contingent art that imagines my body?

I used to imagine my body can not roll into a ball, hence the question was between necessity and contingency, right? What was the necessity? It seems the inability to roll into a ball? ..or a necessity for bones? However, is this a necessity – bones – or some contingent evolution that turned out this […]

relevance of irrelevant art?

If irrelevant art – is its relevancy an interesting question? Who is the It? Art, no? Is this question something to do with this article about art’s growing importance for culture? This is a very conservative view of art, no? How? From the practices it considers’ “art” through to the idea of “good old days” […]

being the poo – a tideon?

Am i a poo? Am i an abstracted poo? Am I the rejection the refusal of a poo to be a poo as a poo abstraction? Am I an abstract that is a poo for poo? Am I an abstract that is a poo From poo? a poo tideon?

#art from conservative deserts?

Art from saudi-arabia in the usa – not bad hey? In terms of humanising the people under saudi arabian rule? In terms of this isn’t a bad art? How bad an art gets before its kind of not exactly art? When its kind of entertainment? If its entertainment, was it art to begin with? Maybe […]

art and the feeling of being terrorised with a bot?

Is this about the book Syria Speaks: Art and Culture from the Frontline? Is this from the detention of someone carrying the book Syria Speaks: Art and Culture from the Frontline for a honeymoon?.. An art book to a honeymoon = detention? In that video, where they detailed the kind of activities deemed to be […]

art meets 12 tone meeting entertainment?

art as 12 tone music imagined as an advert? for your entertainment?

art, rhythms, qualities and quantities?

is this to do with art and objects price? the price being a quantity? is this todo with math and art? how? well.. maths deal with quantities and the qualities that arise? Like when 2 is a quantity while having its own quality of 2ness? How rhythms come into this question? Rhythms seem to link.. […]

the violence of cultured sensations?

Just came back from a bus stop. Turns out, i happened to bump into a person that wanted to feel her sensations. No, sorry, not to feel her sensations – but to made to feel her sensations. Wanted to be forced to feel, forced to sense, to be unable to stop herself from feeling the […]