gaps of deception and deceptively honest gaps?

To type here in any kind and manner of language/s – I have to deceive myself as to the range of my knowledge and possibly abilities. (Both in terms of language and stuff am talking re/about..( That deception, makes a sort of “gap” between claims for reality and the stuff that’s linked and shareable among […]

cnbc are Pro (corrupted/criminal) migrants?

check this clip.. they say: oh, rich chinese flee china? – isn’t it fab most come to Us of A? why do they flee china? – errr.. seems like the rich don’t like crackdowns on corruption.. so.. apart from the will to have generally rich people coming and driving prices up and all the misery […]

when freedom is google, ms, twitter, apple, fb and

other corporations to define – individual rights are an option and financial requirements are above the law.. Based on the guardian reporting that the top digital capitalistic corporations that: * they are concerned about “trust” in the internet. Read – trust in certain corporations, and/or how it is currently organised – not the internet as […]