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Imagining with a B?

I think that perhaps epigentic research is checking stuff in relation to genes. What epigentic elements/information/data – not Questions – do to genetic information.elements.data.materials and how they LINK.


Am concerned that that the imagination is binary, not interlinked and perhaps even unified. eg are we searching epigenetics and genes – or biological strands/modes/abstracts?

Therefore am looking into this from a naive and empty timespace:




are these kind of real BioRhythms– ?:?


Quantitative – not qualitative?? – gnome measurments?

A basic intro to mathematical Modes

Why ask about Mother? Why WHAT? (rather than How Parental or ancestral?

epigenes and genes – no matter which is chicke/egg – create rhythms!

Genome-wide Epigenetic Data Facilitate Understanding of Disease Susceptibility Association Studies


Mean, median, Mode and range in Maths

Sequence has a logic in it http://www.webopedia.com/TERM/S/sequence.html


http://----escape_sem_autolink_uri:442a3b155f0b071452e1c835365fbb61---- reality?

about borispol??


Borispol, Berlin, Brighton, Brasila – initial questions for the search in Borispol

I have to go to Hell** again and this time the flights options included Berlin or Borispol/Kiev. People tell me that I HAVE to visit Berlin, and everytime I hear about the place am salivating with notions and ideas. So I thought it could be an opportunity to spend some time in the city and do some stuff, probably searching residencies in the night. However, the flights from Berlin to Hell** seem to land in the early hours of the mornings – which is awckward for other people – and it seems like there will be a fair few other opportunities to visit Berlin in the next few months anyway.. Also the back-of-beyond look of Borispol – grabbed my mind pretty strongly..
……Hence it seems now that am going to search for Berlin art rhythms in the streets of Borispol.. Not sure how.. Also perhaps it will be Berlin art scene in a search while in Borispol.. Something for that effect..
Am trying to put Search, rather than ReSearch, as a sort of language/practice.. Research being having an idea/notion of what and how you are seeking, and Search is basically having none of that.. Perhaps just how to cross Borispol and Berlin art? Using Crossings as a
rhythmic/energy cues for search? We shall find out soon.. 😉