why am i searching around a javasript ish compression?

idk – really http://www.sitepoint.com/compress-javascript-with-php/ http://jsbeautifier.org/ http://www.trellon.com/content/blog/javascript-compression http://www.wikihow.com/Compress-Javascript http://www.howstuffworks.com/file-compression.htm http://stackoverflow.com/questions/6114189/programming-novice-how-to-program-my-own-data-compression-algorithm something about transing rather than conversion/compression? maybe transing is a link?

modes and codes – genes epigenes and modes?

I don’t know that am less than clueless about both genes and epigenes. All I seem to invent in my mind is that genes are codes in alphabetic terms which are arranged in various sequences, eg words(??), and that epigenes are repetitions, punctuation marks, spaces, etc*. that provide the ability for these sequences to have […]

lol #code engine? http://arty….

lol #code engine? http://arty.li/ZcQ – should try one day..

the 10 #commandments might hin…

the 10 #commandments might hint at #code thinking. wonder if #question thinking, more common to living entities, should be developed?

doing some documentation of #c…

doing some documentation of #code for the http://ur1.ca/csada script – site failed and need to retype 🙁