search sequences sequencing searches that collide?

I did this search and it seemed that actually I can do sequences. Most of them will be shit. Some might be possibly interesting, etc.. However, they are collide-able and addable.. eg, the sequences of an X search can be a database that can grow and bump, collide, etc…. Prob is the db sequence itself? […]

do i do materials for epi code?

for some time now i have found myself clueless why am doing stuff and recording it in different manners. Like noting the interactions times when searching for berlin in kiew’s borispol, or taking images of meeting points between cockroaches and people in Palestine’s Mediterranean biabbeale. When i just did a search for a reader of […]

crossing acrossing transing?

just the title? road, culture, speed, time? do they cross? do they actually collide?

transablities? collisequence?

1 2 4 5 6 9 11 as a strand in a collisequence derived from a shopping trip because in itself it IS, its Being, is Trans-able. I can do it in a photo, a music, a documentary, an essay, as of itself, or an element, strand, etc. The question in my mind is just […]


How to be a collidable network sound and live to tell about it? (H2BACNSAL2TAI?) WHAT IS H2BACNSAL2TAI? H2BACNSAL2TAI is a group activity that builds, and possibly destroys, a sonic network. H2BACNSAL2TAI imagines how networkable sound lives, from the view of sounds, via to the creation of collisions & networks. Data networks made of bits known […]

colliding in Rio

Barracão Maravilha International Residency Proposal Synopsis Responding to the residency open-call, I’d like to use the time and situation in Barracão Maravilha to question urban artistic imaginations of our times through cooperative collisions of languages, cultures, expectations, perceptions and preconceptions. To create such cooperative collisions I will: 1. Offer urban cultural network workers, such as […]

distance & silence collider (Brighton instance)

INITIAL IDEA We will create a spacetime-based archive of sounds, sound related stories, memories – or just recorded stories/memories that link to a space/place and time/period. eg my experience at the level in 1973. These recordings will be made by Brighton Communities radio and web-tv, to be made as shows in their own right using […]

food collider initial Vienna notion with dave of liq democracy (ld)

WIENWOCHE 2013 – Application Guidelines 1. Applicant David & Aharon 2. Description of the applicant (max. 2000 characters) David does stuff like mint fest. Aharon does stuff like digihub 3. Website, Links mint. 4. Contact info / Contact person details xyz ************************************************** 1. Project title Food Collider / BlendedBlender Festival of Growing (FOG) is […]