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Since am going to be skateboarding on Palestine[‘s roads, it seemed like an idea to try engaging people via peeping for a cause kind of request. Initially, I thought it will be an idea to use it also as a way to inform about the project via some web address which will be descriptive. eg […]

exchanges community boxes and biases?

Many people tell me the idea of going around palestine seeking artists to exchange with is a bit dangerous. Why? The reply is always to do with the complex makeup of Palestinian society and politics, never the occupation’s power, abuse of energies, and of intelligence. Yesterday a jordanian judge was shot dead by the occupations’ […]

CommunityBox exchange for the dead-sea area artists – developments from

Here’s the initial idea, and a quick recap bellow: Through various crossings, such as the occupation’s borders, networks localities, technological physicalities, exchange sequences of time, networking and timing, surfing surfaces materialities (skateboarding), spoken, imagined and art archiving languages, cultural interpretations (eg anonymity as a cultural question), and other elements – the project will facilitate artistic […]

deadsea/palestine gallery archives and how they might evolve?

I am feeling a bit uneasy about the curated archives in community boxes because it feels finite, unquestioning.. Sort of default and defaulting to a known, rather than pushing/exploring – I suppose.. It seems that since the process skates/transgress borders as well as notions of art, artists roles and how they might link over space […]

ignorance of dangers and dangers of ignorance?

A few unrelated nor linked people told me that the idea of skateboarding, seeking artists and linking exchanges of community boxes in Palestine, might be a dangerous practice indeed. They said I should not ignore the possible dangers and try at least to resolve them. However, am increasingly become aware, or seemingly aware(?) of a […]

technical videos for installing/running/upgrading

communitybox boxes with openwrt, mainly:

community boxes exchange for eib dead sea instance – possible

funding..?? apart from collective-go-to-indiegogo-and-help-numerically-eternally-brotherhoodly-with perhaps its cool to check: (deadline on 03.02)[0]=field_taxonomy_regions%3A35&f[1]=field_taxonomy_issues%3A26 (general osf info..)

collective go to indiegogo and help numerically & eternally brotherhoodly with

(out of net yet in innately internet) ETINTERBRO dead-sea instance? indiegogo the-eternal-internet-brotherhood funding for deadsea instance campaign. Details about my contribution and why a bit of financial numerical assistive-linking could help in the purchase of some needed hardware for communityboxes-exchange-in-etinterbros-dead-sea-instance Please get in touch to discuss linking? Financial assistive-link, there is a need to get: […]

links: performance philosophy, speculative work, anti spec(ulative) work/production, tizen os, mobile routers, communitybox, openwrt, radio art, sound art, carbon fiber skateboards, longboards,

keywords: performance philosophy, speculative work, anti spec(ulative) work/production, tizen os, mobile routers, communitybox, openwrt, radio art, sound art, carbon fiber skateboards, longboards What is spec work? “The PirateBox”: WiFi + USB Drive = Your Own Mini-Internet (Freedom),9177 PirateBox – […]

CommunityBoxes exchange – an idea for The ETINTERBRO’s dead-sea instance

An idea proposal/invite for the dead sea eternal Internet brotherhood’s instance: CommunityBoxes exchange – CommunityBoxes (CB) are local pop-up internet that function as social objects. CommunityBoxes can be placed anywhere, to store and share information via digital means, only in a very specific location*. The idea: Use CommunityBoxes to leave documentation of ETINTERBRO’s activities in […]