fermented herrings and the horrors of the known?

I was checking stuff to do with fermented herrings for my sons’ birthday. (never had that before..)

how to eat: http://minareceptsamlingar.blogspot.co.uk/2007/08/fermented-herring.html reads very similar to http://www.sweden.se/eng/Home/Lifestyle/Food-drink/Reading/10-things-to-know-about-Swedens-food-culture/ and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DmaedvVBkV8…
I thought to get rivita (similar to swedish bread or/and some wraps and do so potatos, baked beens, fried + fresh unions, some fresh tomatoes, preppers etc., bread/pita/rivita and perhaps some perry or pear cider.. (need to find where to get a perry in town..)

Then it seemed like an idea to get some swedish film that Phoenix might like as well..
Searching through various swedish films via “swedish action films”, it suddenly hit me that I am not very interested in horror films because they seem to concentrate on UnKnowns. Stuff that isn’t seen, that is of or in the dark, seem to be the perpetrator object of horror..(??)
Where as for me, horror is actually the stuff I do know.. Stuff that is there starring at you daily.. Commercial artwrold, money, fake smiles, rituals, habits, MacDonalds’, my ISP, rare metals in my Phone – just my phone!!! – etc. – that Is horror!!!

Fair phone fun, future or fairness flop?

Noticed today the Fair Phone which supposed to be made of my mobile device wet-dreams.. I have a basic repulsive sense every-time I need to use my phone, because the 1st thing in my head is the question – How many people died for this to be an object of possibility? How many were spear-raped in Congo for this device to operate? Is this their blood am about to touch..?

So seemingly, a fair phone, might be the kind of stuff I should get?

How? Can I afford the price? Circa £300??!! No way.. Is that fair? Is the price fair on me?
A bit like “fair trade”.. Might be nice ideas in the sense of not screwing the farmers – though it gets slightly more murky – however, at the point of exchange with me, I can not afford being fair.. The “fairness” seems within the capitalistic ideology of money is the bottom-line, an ideology with suspected fairness itself.. (because if money is bottom line, and we work putting same efforts, for example, then why should you get more? Also, with bottom-line money, the currency’s mathematics get their own life..)

Anyhow.. That was a bit of diversion..

In terms of FairPhone.. Perhaps I should not be too harsh.. (despite the fact their price is harsh with me..) This is a beginning and I should not pre-judge their intent.. Perhaps they will be looking into ways of Democratising, even anarchasing, the device, to make this a beginning of a process rather than a product of a process at an end..
I think these kind of movements, like fair phone, should definitely be encouraged – hell as long as you are not thinking of google/apple/MS as a sort of stuff to emulate, perhaps you should be congratulated – however, I think it is also Fair to say that their CURRENT dealings are well within the capitalistic paradigms, and if they seek fairness, I think these are the borders they need to cross.. Having more distrust of the democratic power of the market, might be a place to begin with.. (Despite the fact that after all these years of anti animal testing, we have increasing numbers of animals being tested, might be a clue as to the effectiveness of similar trajectories..?)