does: ta ta ta-ta – tata have a meaning?

The rhythmic sequence of ta ta ta-ta – tata been in my head recently.. With thinking/contemplating/imagining if a+b a fair bit – perhaps too much -ta ta ta-ta – tata seemed linked as a question like this: It seems like the fact the brain wants, initially, a then after if a+b, is kind of similar […]

the link and its kind as the materials and building blocks(??) of imagination?

HINDI LINK: link-noun लिंक link कड़ी link, linkage, clinch, concatenation, track shoe, joist संपर्क contact, touch, liaison, connection, link, communication शृंखला series, chain, catena, string, link, linkage सधि link, linkage जंजीर की कड़ी link, linkage मशाल torch, flambeau, link एक चैन का सौवां भाग link, linkage link-verb जोड़ना add, link, connect, concatenate, attach, enclose मिलाना […]