beep beeep beepbeep

Since am going to be skateboarding on Palestine[‘s roads, it seemed like an idea to try engaging people via peeping for a cause kind of request.

Initially, I thought it will be an idea to use it also as a way to inform about the project via some web address which will be descriptive. eg palestine-art-exchange or something to that effect.

However, after seemingly unrelated email exchange with the people of the Wild Cherry cafe – whom am asking for help in some translation – it seemed like talking of the exchange would be stupid.. Too much to read when you are on the move, no?

Since the request is for beeping, seemed cool to repeat it in the web address.. However a fair few web domains already got their own beep..
Took a while and a bit of questioning between beepbeep, beeeeep, beeep, etc. – ended up with
Hope it will work fine..

The line to be translated will be something to the effect of beep for art..

Perhaps slightly ironic, in context of this project that beep and blip was conflated in the beep song by pussycat dolls.. Or perhaps this is another kind of border transgressed..?

Another sort of linked – be it thematically – Beep, is the Block Extensible Exchange Protocol. The url has a core in it, perhaps because most beeps are gone..? 😉

CommunityBox exchange for the dead-sea area artists – developments from

Here’s the initial idea, and a quick recap bellow:

Through various crossings, such as the occupation’s borders,
networks localities, technological physicalities, exchange sequences of time, networking and timing, surfing surfaces materialities (skateboarding), spoken, imagined and art archiving languages, cultural interpretations (eg anonymity as a cultural question), and other elements –
the project will facilitate artistic exchange activities that transgress
various borders, via aesthetics of exchanges.

The project offers possibilities for new and on-going cultural & artistic
connections and exchange sequences that will physically remain and keep
evolving in the area.

CommunityBoxes are small and localised PopUp internet technology hubs (see the little blue plastic box over the soap-dish.)
The CommunityBoxes technology offers sharing information Only within a specific physical location.

For this project, the core idea is to exchange artistic data/digital materials via community boxes between art and culture linked people in Palestine and residents of the Eternal Internet Brotherhood instance in the dead sea.
(dates – 02/04/2014 to 12/04/2014)

This exchange will, at the very least:
* Enable linking between artists in Palestine’s Palestinian Authority areas, and the artists in the Eternal Internet Brotherhood near the dead sea (EIB).
* Create localised data hubs that transgress & question borders of various kinds. (I think..) These data hubs, the CommunityBoxes, will form a legacy, elements of possible interest on the ground for people to come and experience as art.

The linking between local Palestinian artists and EIB’s dead-sea temporary residents by physically going between people, distributing CommunityBoxes and transferring art and art activity documentations among the participants. I will do that while skateboarding between locations.

Using the community boxes, people will be able to exchange art works/documentations/ideas/etc. and curate each others’ materials.
Each participating artist/group will be able to curate other participants’ materials freely into an archive-like digital gallery. This gallery will reside in each CommunityBox.

For example:
The EIB based people will get a community box into which they will curate works/materials by Palestinian artists. Participating Palestinian artists/groups/institutions will each get a community box to use for curating works/documentations/materials from the EIB. I hope that this will make the linking a process of equals where each participant can and will exercise their own artistic sensibilities fearlessly. (..indeed, the CommunityBoxes allow complete anonymity..)

If a given artist decides, for example, to curate out certain materials – this will not affect the possibilities of their works being included. They simply do what they’d really like..

The community boxes, with the art exhibitions installed, be it in digital forms, will be left in the areas of exchange.
Palestinian artists’ works will be in the israeli state controlled areas, and the curated EIB works that will be, in exchange, in Palestinian authority controlled areas.

The CommunityBoxes will reside safely – I hope – inside soap-dishes (as in image at the top..) and will be powered by solar panels.
This way, they will continue to operate and display the exchanges as well as offering a new context and cultural opportunities to evolve.

The CommunityBoxes locations will be available via a website. (This will indicate a rough location area.. People will still have to walk around a bit to pick up the wifi signal, but not necessarily see where the actual boxes are..)

deadsea/palestine gallery archives and how they might evolve?

I am feeling a bit uneasy about the curated archives in community boxes because it feels finite, unquestioning..
Sort of default and defaulting to a known, rather than pushing/exploring – I suppose..
It seems that since the process skates/transgress borders as well as notions of art, artists roles and how they might link over space time and sequences, it requires a matching trajectory in the way stuff is archived/exhibited/shared-with-others as well..

More over, I think that the possible manipulation of the archiving process in the community boxes that are on the ground, will add further incentive to actually visit them… Allowing evolving manipulations of the way the archives are done, will, I think, produce on the ground values that go beyond the mere images/sounds/texts/etc that were curated into the archive.. No?

It might be very interesting to learn the specifics of data archiving for art and artists.. (hummmm.. am specifying here data rather than Digital data, with a question of whether data in general could be applicable to other materials, eg bio stuff.. I doubt.. But might be interesting somehow as a process..?)

ignorance of dangers and dangers of ignorance?

A few unrelated nor linked people told me that the idea of skateboarding, seeking artists and linking exchanges of community boxes in Palestine, might be a dangerous practice indeed.
They said I should not ignore the possible dangers and try at least to resolve them.

However, am increasingly become aware, or seemingly aware(?) of a fair few ignorant sequences that somehow link to the activities in Palestine..
* People I spoke to who live in Tel-Aviv, a mere 2 hours away from the dead-sea/Jericho, seem to think that:
The israeli army doesn’t let people enter Jericho.
The Palestinian autrhority has powers to check passports.
The Palestinians HAVE palestinian passports.
The Hamas has gangs of knife wielding thugs just waiting for people..
The israeli and palestinian authorities will allow people in/out of Jericho area only if they can make money out of it.

Clearly, with such conflicting – and internally conflicting views – the only cheering witness is a laze induced ignorance? Or is it an ideologically laze induced ignorance? Both? Other ignorance..? Is it so hard to find out how life is with people you practically live with..?

Thinking I’d have some better idea regarding, at least, “rules of engagement” on the ground via the israeli embassy and palestinian reps in london, I gave them a call..

The israelies were under the impression that the palestinians give visas. The palestinians were under the impression the israelies are into threatening people trying to forge cultural ties with palestians on the ground.. (however, they were clueless re when asked re Khaled Jarrar’s artistic exploits passports stamps..)

Perhaps there is also my own ignorance and a hint of naivity(??) regarding how people think and how people tend to share and express these thoughts..?
An orgy of ignorance..? hummm…

beep for artists in..?

With EIB – eternal internet brotherhood – etintbro – i will be seeking artists in palestinian controlled territories.

It seems perhaps since am going to skateboard around, to have a possible link with motorists.. So am thinking to wear a sort of cape/longish top with one of the lines from:

I should really go on forums to ask if people beep, if its sort of cultural acceptable form of identification, if the arabic is correct, am i using correct arabic and/or local palestinian language/culture..?

community boxes exchange for eib dead sea instance – possible

is archiving and databasing the Wrong terms to consider art

in the way of data structuring/arranging..?

In linked posts till now, I was talking/imagining in the sequence/trajectory/rhythm of:
Search – activity/ies – activities/practices-self recorded/documented – the recorded/documented stuff being placed in a database of some sort – —>> Hence the db is structured to accept the data.. eg have a time/duration field, and/or place of production, main day period of work, etc..

This imagines the parameters conservatively, in hindsight, and as if these were elements that live in duality with some sort of an out-side environment.. Elements that these signify, are signs of, refer to.
Also, the approach is restrictive.. I’d say, optimistic about restrictiveness.. Even worst – pre-conceptualised restrictions.. eg, the data should be based on time, ab artists’ arbitrary birth place, or circumstantial living place?

Am beginning to imagine 2, possibly 2?, other elements todo with archiving/database-basing:

* what if the stuff is untaged/un-categorised to begin with, and slowly gains tags by people?
this still is a dualistic – meta info / info-of-object – sort of imagination..

* perhaps will be more interesting to have the linking/taging idea as an innate element of the data itself..? Every bit and byte is linkable via various means to another..
could be a number, a type, a period.. in a sense the data is not outside the data-base/archive, but forms a language of the archive in and of itself, no?

if we consider the communityboxes in etinterbro dead-sea instance as having archives that are part of the environment and time/period – how will these Be rather than be speaking of this..?

Similarly, in other instances of communityboxes, I think this kind of a question could provide an energising question.. Energising because then it makes the whole thing a bit more than a fairly dumb drop database, and creates a practice that is more responsive with its environment.. Not necessarily in art alone.. This can be used in other sequences, as part of housing, a home, a conference, etc..

art, archives, databases and linked info – an initial links dump?

art and design and archiving?

media archaeology lab




is metadata forgetful?

well.. was looking at csv dbs as shown

seems simple, where the metadata can be made to be various and seemingly flexible elements..

In these examples these include data re carL make, year, class, engine size, etc..
However, it seems these elements can be easily modified to be more interstiong, like adding, time-links, speed of productions, cultural history of colours, etc..

For me though, it seems the constant elephatilla in the room is that such db imagines the subject an object that the db talks about – not an integral part of the said db.. ie, ofcourse an actual Car is not indexed – but perhaps detail/image that is Being imagined as an object to be represented in, for example time dimensions.. (eg all cars from 1995.. etccc..)

However, the image is data as well, of its own character, independent of the subject.. The bits in the image can be imagined as db in itself.. a db that can be indexed and have a life of its own.. eg.. car might be ’95, but bumpers might be from ’90, and wind screen linked to ones from ’76.

More over, the bits themselves have time, size and links, no?

all db entries from mornings, for example..
all db entries with 10char arrays..?
all db entries that have letters from deadsea?
perhaps one and another one with y’s for dry?
maybe all that are Wet (if when A is wet) and animalSound (eg + animalSound, B), an If A + B.. This can then be collided with another sequence precisely because its a data string, no??)

Data archiving for art??

How artists and art orgs etc archive their data?

I have seen a post or posts about this subject recently on new-media curation, nettime and probably netbehaviour as well..

Something kind of felt un-easy about this subject and probably felt sort of melancholic joy being unable to point at wtf is that feeling..

Then I bumped today into BioLinux, a distro with lots of apps and arrangements to do bioinfo stuff easy. I noticed that some of the tools are actually for arranging data so it can be UseD in various ways..
( emphasising UseD because my interest is in data Being, rather than usage, however, the manipulation via X/certain intent, is very interesting for me..)

Indeed, it does feel a bit strange that given the nature/being of data different to paint-data, stone, or even manuscript data, that the treatment of it – in terms of art – is as if the data is an object akin to a rock, metal, etc..

My thinking(??) – perhaps more instinct – is that to begin with, maybe the if a + b is also in and of itself a data structure.. Or rather than a data sequence that is also, by its very nature, structure.. (I don’t feel comfortable with structures..)
A data arrangement that lives with the strand..
In that sense, maybe some art data arrangements is: if a + b (eg a collage??), and maybe others can be, for example, if a – b (e.g. a chiseled statue..)???

collective go to indiegogo and help numerically & eternally brotherhoodly with

(out of net yet in innately internet) ETINTERBRO dead-sea instance?

indiegogo the-eternal-internet-brotherhood funding for deadsea instance campaign.

Details about my contribution and why a bit of financial numerical assistive-linking could help in the purchase of some needed hardware for

Please get in touch to discuss linking?

Financial assistive-link, there is a need to get:

More loosely defined linking/connections, yet not less valued than finance:
if you have other possible input by way of ideas, stuff i failed to consider, you want to have your own communitybox-exchange practice linked, it seems interesting and you want to chat (conversations, specially memorable ones, are appreciated, in my mind at least..), something else you imagine could be required and I didn’t/couldn’t/failed to imagine?

Am beginning to imagine linking between people, eg you, and the area/other-people/entities there via boxes..
Perhaps this kind of strand/sequence, or link-able sequences, could be discussed as well..

For more general information about community boxes, check bom bane’s communitybox gallery..


CommunityBoxes exchange – an idea for The ETINTERBRO’s dead-sea instance

An idea proposal/invite for the dead sea eternal Internet brotherhood’s instance:
CommunityBoxes exchange –
communitybox with a soap-box for cleansing protection?

CommunityBoxes (CB) are local pop-up internet that function as social objects.
CommunityBoxes can be placed anywhere, to store and share information via digital means, only in a very specific location*.

The idea:
Use CommunityBoxes to leave documentation of ETINTERBRO’s activities in the space-place they happened, and to link with Palestinian artists that perhaps might be welcome take part, yet unable through the restrictions set by the conflict in the area.

1. I will skateboard* through Palestinian communities living between the Dead-Sea and Jericho, collect documentation/material to take with me to the Eternal Internet Brotherhood’s participants.
2. Collected material will be considered by the brotherhood for dis/inclusion in CommunityBoxes that will contain documentation/material of participants activities during their stay.
3. Palestinian artists that will be included, will receive in exchange a CommunityBox to place around where they live.
4. After the event, a map showing areas where CommunityBoxes can be accessed from, will be available online.
Hence people could experience elements of the brotherhood’s time in the place/s it happened.

* CommunityBoxes wifi signals are about 5 meters from any given box.
* skateboarding is, imho, a negotiative and playful way to travel. (Negotiative because of having to keep responding to & with environmental realities..)
Perhaps through skateboarding playfulness, that it helps to bring down barriers and make immediate connections with people of all ages and backgrounds.

further details, technicalities and context.