is this a historical plausible reading of computers and related evolution?

Is it that computing machines used to be sort of more general purpose mechanical devises that could apply their mathematical/calculative prowess to various areas, and as they evolve, seem to be more specific in build and calculation? eg we get more task specific devices than we used to, no? this one’s for gaming, that one’s […]

quick notes re going to Majdanek today

These are going to be very quick notes/lines indeed. People are waiting for me, but I just realised that have spent the better part of the morning making myself ill.. am just post toilete.. had a bit of a panic/cry as well.. Seems like thiws should be written despite the fact ppl wait – and […]

extermination sequence death summer winter all year round camp

or an imagination? When I was a child, there were no death camps made by Nazi germany. No. There were stories, recollections, memories, lives saved, bitterness harnessed, culture elaborated and evolved of extermination camps. However, the only element as far as people around me were concerned that bore similarity to death camps – is the […]