majdanek, treblinka, etc. – death yes, camps?

not so much..? I find it very painful in my throat calling treblinka, for example, a “death camp”. Quotation marks make it easier.. Is it being selfish? Arbitrary? Ignorant? Surely, the personal sensations, whichever these might be, are not more than the usage value of the common term? However, there is a sense that perhaps […]

proof of being slightly

paranoid..? Looking at i think a technical protocol becomes clearer in my mind.. I wonder now whether it might be indeed interesting to have a “proof of being” protocol – slightly paranoid version for death factories search strands..? so the paranoid bit is a frequency.. have we taken – or willing to take – […]

numerical exchange is for poor people and

protocols are for rich happy fulfilled machines or a poorly paid culturally impoverished mechanised population? There used to be a certain prevalence to an idea for supporting empires that went like: Check the flourishing of life/culture in the Mongol empire regions compared to previous and post empire times. The prevalence of central power that normalised […]

a question of a web side story and a

holocaust? I have just came back from Warsaw where I hooked up with an old friend. I mentioned the process of fear cultivation giving the web as an example of an element where once the question of how to be fearlessly free was an emphesised process, now increasingly the process, if/when/where exists, is in context […]