suggestive or declarative? both? or

propositional? say am stating stuff like search sequence: If flying coffee or when () proposes a question category link: (ie – that these terms are not together because they are declared to be so, but only as a proposal or a suggestion where the ()s bring various ideas regarding the links between the terms that […]

more re being a calculation being

it seems like calculation, unlike deceleration, requires legitimisation – yet the very act of calculation suggests a legitimate being, in our minds. where as to declare this text not english-only but having some links to ancient japanese, beyond just mentioning it in this line, might seem brutal and indeed require a brute act such as: […]

oath as a software

and software as declarations? Reads like someone’s desperate wank of self righteousness. With all the positivistic and simplistic terms. (there is a diff between attempting to tell yourself you are positive, to being positive.. Like between being simple and using terms thoughtlessly.. eg conflating between art and craft..) However, I think its aesthetically interesting, as […]

instagram shop declarations

According to – kuwaits slap images on instagram that declare stuff for sale and seemingly, it works. As Fatima Al Qadiri observes in this interview, all people need to do is declare that they are selling. I find it interesting that, perhaps unintendedly, the declarative business practice is talked on a power-based imagry site […]

i do do not do

I declare this post to be at its very beginning. I declare this word to mean my love for you. I declare my love for you to mean more than just a word. I declare love here to be a cheap device. I declare that you can make me a sandwich.

if #programming code is made o…

if #programming code is made of #declarations – are we living through a #declarative cultural times?