non decentralised nature of bitcoin?

Bitcoins with blockchains – – are supposed to be decentralised technologies. However, I wonder how decentralised the technology actually is.. In terms of having potentially equal nodes throughout its network: would node X with a big computer and ability to process more than others be an equal? More importantly, in my view is the […]

net nutrality demonstrates the non nutrality and illetimacy of money?

numerical exchange? or is it just a corrupt island – a where there is a sequence of covering practices between seeming intent (just people with concerns), driving intent (pay people to play as if they are concerned – ie no discussion possible because what they say they want is not what they really want or […]

when there are flags, there is a weak & frightened entity holding it

attempting to intimidate as a way of masking its own fragility? Noticed the images from eastern Ukraine of the people attempting to re-kickstart a soviet republic, Donetsk as Donetsk People’s Republic.. Check stuff like: Is it not that one common visual prop is the use of flags and a […]

discussion about uk military reveals the gulf between the rulers

and the ruled? Noticed top story in today’s guardian, an assertion by a US militant, Robert Gates, that british military “risks” being underspent. The guardian’s excused reason to put this blurb on top of its website is, I suppose, the element of risk, rather than, for example: at long last.. ( saying that because it […]

radio free europe or a road to a freely available

dictatorship of capital? Bumped into radio free europe – radio liberty (rferl), which perhaps I should have noticed some time ago.. Their “mission statement” seems slightly interesting because they link democracy, free and uncensored information, with “free markets”. (I suppose the reference is free market capitalism style, rather than. for example, an exchange platform where […]

India’s democracy in a trans?

Interesting news from India as childish mindsets are defeated in court for a transgendered woman to be allowed to write her name in an exam. I hope this will affect other women in similar transing sequence – though am not sure why or why nor How this is even an issue that required a court […]

art at times of alternatives and urgent crisis?

Alternative & crisis is a week long events in response to current capitalistic crisis – I think some economies are not in any crisis. This will be followed by an exhibition curated by Oliver Ressler & Gregory Sholette that, according to the English blurb: “…today artists normally avoid to work on the question of the […]

valve’s version of un-managed workers in a capitalist game?

Valve, by bbc hacks, is doing some bossless working time with the idea that people will produce more and better without a manager to boss them about. Workers owning, running and thriving in running workplaces runs deep in time, and in my pov can be traced to pre-roman slave liberation movements. In this Valve’s iteration […]

anti democratic discrimination in the name of democracy?

Where are Jews discriminated against, openly and with a cahooting state power? Frankelinstine. (otherwise known as israel/palestine) Where in Frankelinstine Jews are discriminated against in such a manner? In the area zelot/fanatical/zionist/religious/secular-traditional israeli-jews seem to want to keep most – Jerusalem. Where in Jerusalem such discriminatory activities take place? In exactly the space that such […]

Fair phone fun, future or fairness flop?

Noticed today the Fair Phone which supposed to be made of my mobile device wet-dreams.. I have a basic repulsive sense every-time I need to use my phone, because the 1st thing in my head is the question – How many people died for this to be an object of possibility? How many were spear-raped […]

japan islam and toons?

Seems like japan “complained” to errr, france, that some weekly published satirical(??) cartoons re fukoshima. Is this like some muslims complaining to denmark that in a society of cultivating free speech, they ought to shut up about some things.. All this sounds a bit like a generalised attitude encapsulated in stuff like Hetalia, no?

legits and legalities?

Just noticed regarding the anti-gay drive in the democracy of Russia. IDK re correctness of actual incidents rise-up after the anti-gay laws came about. However, I can perceive that such laws do provide a sense of self righteousness for some people to attack gay people. (..or other groups singled out by a law..) This […]

monetary truth and the power of numerical lies?

Seems like the so called state of israel (otherwise known as Frankelinstine) has a problem, people just do not understand the jewish bit of events version. Hence, the state has an “explanation” unit (used to be ministry) known as “hasbara” – hebrew for explanation. However, the propagandas, errr, explanation efforts might come from people who […]

egypt and the beginning of our democratic endings?

The coup against the tyrannical/power-hungry/naive – take your pick – rule of un-elected + elected majority of religious heads in egypt has turned into a full blown bloodbath. The army shoots demonstrators, blames demonstrators, and casts fog as to what on earth is going on, and how come over 500 people get in the way […]

an american fascism?

if microsoft and state cahooted to spy, this could form the classic definition of fascism as a capitalistic ideology where the state – as in china – lives for its corporations, and the corporative powers help the state to continue. These kind of affairs are not of nations, but states. In a sense, this marks […]

flow github in browser pulling commits

Just had a quick look at – the actual webpage, not the tool. The language they use, the terms are in a very different english to the one I kind of have a better clue about. This is a sort of githublingo, I suppose. So to get into the tool, I’d have to get […]

egypt, democracy, priciples, religions, rule and commas

Since the army + “the people” coup ouster of Morsi last week, I didn’t feel how to question the unfolding of recent egypt based events. Today, with the blatant shootings of people – “Muslim brothers” rather than “the people” this time – by the same army, perhaps an old question of principles kicks into my […]