a bit random but its the state(??!!) of the world?

Was checking stuff regarding emergent economics and bumped into: http://www.weforum.org/re-emergence-europe What seemed strange is the statement: “Committed to improving the state of the world” How do they know the world has a certain state? How do they know that if it does have a state, it requires improving? How, if indeed there is a state […]

art junky is conflated with a craft junky’s wishful

thinking to Be art @ Phoenix Brighton? I keep have a feeling that the link, chord, or relation between art and design has changed and perhaps require new consideration.. (can consideration be different than valuation?) It seems that in the past the line between xraft, design and art was very thin and at times, perhaps […]

flow github in browser pulling commits

Just had a quick look at https://github.com/blog/1557-github-flow-in-the-browser – the actual webpage, not the tool. The language they use, the terms are in a very different english to the one I kind of have a better clue about. This is a sort of githublingo, I suppose. So to get into the tool, I’d have to get […]

the co2 and green

According to this eco friendly post, co2 abundance might actually – or eventually – make deserts green. An interesting observation, however, will co2 make more more deserts where, for example, there are currently forests – or is it that the planet as a whole will just go green? Trivial imho. I think that the less […]

design intent and art?

I intend to write something about how intention shifts. the rhythm trajectory is from past through present to future. the energy for the writing is behind it. I intend to write something that will shift your thoughts about intentionality. Now the intent is to have a very certain effect via, possibly, certain design that will […]

aesthetics & deaf sensations

Yesterday, 26.03 I visited a cake decorating workshop @ http://www.sussexdeaf.co.uk/. This was the 1st time I spent in a deaf-based environment and I think it was an experience I’d recall for some time because it felt like an opening into, perhaps, a different, if not new, sensations or the imagining of aesthetics even.. To begin […]

or effect #design process – fo…

or effect #design process – focus on image/sound etc. – rather than as an imagination process search or research practices. where practices

viva nova scotia http://arty.l…

viva nova scotia http://arty.li/ZJB #art #design #education