meaning-free discrimination?

I was checking stuff re frequencies. Meanings free frequencies. Stimuli sensed that is just, errr, sensed without any good/bad/right/wrong attached. X vibration and it matters not whether I like it or not..
THough It might be
That I do like the sensation of not having to place meanings, just sensing..?

It followed/linked with questioning discrimination that might be meanings free. Neither positive, nor negative, just the discrimination we do of frequencies per need, culture, physical state, etc. – and do not use for power.. ie, X culture might discriminate for money as a means of exchange value because it serves power. However, another culture might do the same while being clueless about the sequence of power. They might also have easier time to adjust away from money discrimination because it was done meaninglessly..

Hence the idea of discrimination for, against, and between. Where between is just a sort of categorisation that can easily be reconfigured. There are elements with colour and others with sound. Suddenly I meet into elements where their wetness is more pronounced – hence perhaps I’d want to change the earlier discrimination?

ChaCha – the (only???) anti gay coffee shop of Jaffa..

Last night I went to jaffa for a promised palestinian coffee in a place that was r4ecomended as one of the best, cha-cha coffee.
A place that seems to combine food and coffee in a room full of shisha smokers. Yes, it was kind of full.
As I was looking for a place to sit, a waiter approached and I thought it is rather nice in the helpful way until he said:
You can not be here.
This is a place for couples and families, he went on to explaine.
Nice, though I have a friend coming, he is just parking a car.
No you can not stay.
Here’s a person by herself, I pointed…
She is waiting for her friend.
I can wait for my friend too 🙂
No you can not. She is waiting for a Male friend..
Only then it dawned on me – am slow – that the whole shebang was based on an assumption that I was gay. So I said:
I see.. Do you think “couples” can not be of same sex?
The reply was that same sex couples are Not Real couples.. At which point I turned TOTALLY & UTTERLY gay all over!
I pressed the recording button on the phone while waiting for the waiter’s attention..
Are you asking me to leave because I am gay?
Yes, he said. Its the policy, nothing to do with me.
Can I chat with the owner?
Is this a legal policy?
I told you, am just working here..
By that time, a rather muscle bulging guy, attractive in sort of male gay-poster kind of way, tapped me pointing towards the exit door.

We had a bit of an exchange that ended up with a hand-shake none of us meant..

That is a rough paraphrase on what happened.

Is this a part of how tel-aviv might be like when its palestinian?
Perhaps the army HQ search of palestine should mutate to a tel-aviv wide?
Hummmm.. Actually, I just assume the anti gay place, cha-cha in jaffa, is run by palestinians because it was open on a jewish holiday.. And the intent was for checking out some palestinian coffee.. (plus the fact i was told Only palestinian places will be open..)
However, it will not be much of a surprise if its zionist owned… Will be very interesting in the sense of possible usage of palestinian workers to deliver an anti gay policy..

I mean.. Come on – an anti gay place called, err, Cha Cha!!