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othernet, self hosted, distributed web, free internet, art, slovenia, squatting, squat in europe, networking art, protocol, requirements, specifications, art in palestine, uncloud

a web of ubu db?

we we talking ubuweb at furtherfield hosting of Giving What You Don’t Have.
the suggestion that ubuweb has no critique and the critique offered in place linked … sorry.. got to write something else....

OK.. Back here..

The critique talked about at the talk in furtherfield linked in my mind to – Hey! lets make some stuff that UBUweb should have but doesn’t and kind of linked to this discussion.. In one word(ish) {self}Reflection. If its an UBU web, Lets make a web of UBUs.. Indeed one that might imagine various ways of linking, sharing, and thinking of UBUs as well as ubuwebbing?

* it will be a db that isnt, but could?
* a web that is but could be un-webbed as well as forked and added features to..? (humm.. check the add features and the ideas re stuff like chance poetry in..
* should this be like a domain? (will begin this as a subdomain for the skint nature of my life..
* should the db-no-db be shit or shittable? (not in meaning but in imagination?)
* how to do various kind of UBUlinks? Are the UBUlinks shittable? Perhaps yes? How to shit a link? Are these links that leave their scent? eg. Link, and a scent of a link is
In that case, how will this be a shitty scent? A scent that is linked to a useage and rejection of stuff? Check this code here? ?? Hummm

fugoo and the duck of going to ddk from google

I have been using ddk – duckduckgo – for a fair few years now.
fugoo – is the verb for fuck-google and using other tools. (these are mostly tools, not services as people like to call them, because owned by few and for profit. Software, a tool, As a service = a n attempt to wrap the tool as a service it ain’t.. Anyhow, this is a diversion..)

Many, or a fair few people ditch google for other tools currently, specially following the looooooooooooooong over due realisation that googling is helping (other people get economic power) via spying on you. Not many people are masochistic in that way, I guess.
Interesting, in my mind that the fact people have been working for nothing – slaving – to the pleasures of google and other such corporations, seems fine.. Is this because the very slaves would have switched places had they’ve been given the chance?

Well.. I recall when it was late 90’s and google’s early days. The long into the night discussions laced with smoke and alcohol, of the perils for using google, the perils of googlising your life, and people say: well, this is a different kind of business, a new kind of economy, distributed by nature on the network – hence google will not be evil. (..and then came the evil microsoft rant..)

So when, for example, people fugoo for duck duck go, I get a bit of a deja vu. I know the guy that developed ddk is very nice, affable, intelligent and friendly with fab intentions. However, he is also Human, and we Humans do not deal with power very affably, intelligently, friendly and well intended. Just like any kind of drug interactions in our bodies, power makes us do stuff that otherwise – we wouldn’t have.
Since we live within power based culture that all too often cultivates its arbitrary power positions for distribution of means and wealth – we not know any other way but of power.
Therefore, as long as we do cultivate power – rather than, for example, raw energy – the powerful need to be in check. Thats is why we are developing democratic practices for.. No?

do i pay for internet connection x 3 too much?

Am paying o2 for being my isp @ home.
Paying o2 for being isp on my mobe.
Another bunch – forgot their name, something . net or there abouts based in Worthing – get around £10pcm for “maintaining” the landline + land phone i do not use..

Now all these guys fancy working Against people like you & me not just by attempting to squeeze as much money as possible, but also to provide information about us for power and commerce.. (eg the digital economy bill, the “snoopers charter, etc..)

Assuming, on average, am paying around £30pcm for internet – not including phone calls. Thats’ around £360 per year.. Now lets say that I’d have to invest a one-time £600 for a life-time of free, non-isp, distributed, decentralised, socialised and Liberated internet connection..? The lack of such an option is strange even from a capitalistic logic, no? (ie a company that, builds the infrastructure for people to invest £600 a pop.. Would there be a million internet users that’s for example, pay that kind of money for a free and distributed internet using, say, 100 satellites costing £500k each? Must be a hole in this logic, but someone/some group smarter than me can crack this.. Surely?)