hey bitcoin – fairness and numerical exchanges?

a note – how does 1 bitcoin/dollar/euro/etc get to be more “valuable” than 0.5? there are 2 0.5 in the 1 – but 1 is more valuable than the 2. If we had voting like that then 1 person’s vote could be more than 2’s votes.. (assuming they happened to vote for 2 different parties. […]

when a gamble is no gamble times 2?

In this aljazeera show re capitalism recent performance, there is a guy from lse that basically says something like: The “financial crisis” couldn’t have been forecasted because “the economy” is so complicated – its very hard to tell. There are so many elements involved in economic exchanges and behaviours, that its simply impossible for us […]

contract killing in britain and capitalism?

aesthetics of absent killing? well.. seems like there are people desperate enough to kills, pay and get paid for killing others – and they are not just in the armed services.. The bram uni survey seems very interesting indeed even if only the subject – contract killing – is both sort of taboo and subject […]

illogical, a capitalistic hypocricity, or fallacy?

Illogicality, in general, doesnt seem like a bother, in fact it seems that life – or even being – is not entirely logical. To use oxygen, we need to burn, a process that in itself isn’t danger-less.. Might have been more “logical” to have a different approach.. (illogicality – hence many people might have difficulty […]

daily links already?

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