art notes, noting or a bit of a cultural knott

by us and reflected via the independent? Check the various art linked moments of the year. Cool, fab that the independent attempts a focus on art! However, I’d question whether or not the link – that at times conflates – between processes that come to celebrate, produce cultural-social-political safety & coherence, or as Adorno might […]

islam and imagining the end of art via prophesy??

In Islam, Mohamed is imagined to be a prophet. He is not just a prophet, but the last of a certain – somehow judeo-christian – line of prophets. I do not know what islamic tradition means by “prophet”, however, for my mind, the “prophet” is a person that says something which is applicable for all […]

“political” can be stretch int…

“political” can be stretch into uncomfortable & contract for #capitalism & #entertainment? now with crass reporting