emancipation, equality, and integration as capitalistic objectives or?

are these just the way the left has demonstrated its capitalistic culture? Perhaps something else.. Since am fairly immanently to visit Frankelinstine again 🙁 am checking the news there as I want to get a feel of whether or not am stepping into a bombing campaign.. Noticed a view by the new top israel of […]

anti democratic discrimination in the name of democracy?

Where are Jews discriminated against, openly and with a cahooting state power? Frankelinstine. (otherwise known as israel/palestine) Where in Frankelinstine Jews are discriminated against in such a manner? In the area zelot/fanatical/zionist/religious/secular-traditional israeli-jews seem to want to keep most – Jerusalem. Where in Jerusalem such discriminatory activities take place? In exactly the space that such […]

violence dreams imagination in cycles?

Heard somewhere someone saying stuff to the effect of “the 1st step of violence is to change dreams”/imagination(?). ie, say there is a cultural dream of telling people not to say certain “rude” words, if I imagine/dream of a culture where such words/terms will not be censored, then by default am being violent towards the […]

#heg13, equalpay and the reasons i will vote green, you?

I wanted to vote “anything but” @BHgreens . Nationally, @thegreenparty in general and @CarolineLucas in particular – despite recent political t-shirted stunts http://arty.li/ZG6 – are V disappointing imho. (..attempting to reform capitalist outlets is a de-facto acceptance of #capitalism, hence placing page #3 images on par with financial rather than cultural legitimacy. @CarolineLucas version of […]

bbc tennis of macho sexisim?

bbc hack, John Inverdale, decided he know what looks good or not for all – so much for democracy there – and that he has to air this for all. I think that perhaps its interesting that the bbc + other mass media people and orgs, do not seem to differentiate between an apology, eg […]