fugoo and the duck of going to ddk from google

I have been using ddk – duckduckgo – for a fair few years now. fugoo – is the verb for fuck-google and using other tools. (these are mostly tools, not services as people like to call them, because owned by few and for profit. Software, a tool, As a service = a n attempt to […]

an american fascism?

if microsoft and state cahooted to spy, this could form the classic definition of fascism as a capitalistic ideology where the state – as in china – lives for its corporations, and the corporative powers help the state to continue. These kind of affairs are not of nations, but states. In a sense, this marks […]

a us-china summit, or obama he…

a us-china summit, or obama heads to teach Xi Jinping how to track citizens flinchlessly – http://arty.li/Zpc

“contemporary #cinese #art of …

“contemporary #cinese #art of neo #fascism research day?” Thursday, 14-Feb-13 08:30:00 UTC – Thursday, 14-Feb-13 08:30:00 UTC ():