parkinsons’ and the palestinian question of

israeli/zionist/jewish colonial occupation?

Just came back from Frankelinstine, better known as palestine/israel, and perhaps a few related posts will follow..

My mother has a bit of Parkinsons’ and needs to be in a care home, unfortunately.. So I was looking for care homes for her..

My 1st priority, initially, was to find which homes specialise in Parkinsons’. Naively, I thought there will be a sort of lists like that could help…

When I spoke to care homes, I was told that my thinking was Strange. No one asks such questions, apparently.
Which questions do people ask?
I contacted the Parkinsons’ association thinking they might at least have some recommended homes – nope.
People – ie the Jewish bit of Israeli/Palestinian society – do not require such information..

Some, however, do go to specialised homes. Specialised of sorts.. They are for people of certain “origins”..
Turns out that despite the narrative of Jewish/Zionist/Israeli society, of coming “back” to a land of fore-parents. Of not being colonialists, of not even being immigrants, but “going-backers”, and therefore are indeed a part and parcel of the middle-east in general and rooted to the land of Palestine/Israel in particular.
However, when people reach a certain age/situation and in need of care homes, they seem to prefer, at times, to be among others who share country of origin. The origin country is not Israel, as the narrative proclaims, but might be Iraq, Holland, Morocco, France, Egypt, Germany, USA, and so on..

emancipation, equality, and integration as capitalistic objectives or?

are these just the way the left has demonstrated its capitalistic culture? Perhaps something else..
Since am fairly immanently to visit Frankelinstine again 🙁 am checking the news there as I want to get a feel of whether or not am stepping into a bombing campaign..
Noticed a view by the new top israel of bank cahoona, that the group of people they name “israeli arabs” should have, in effect, less discrimination against them – because otherwise “israel” will suffer economically. (from a capitalist perspective..)

Does this not imply that in effect, the 20th century’s leftist efforts for integration, equality and emancipation of minorities and groups discriminated against was, in a effect, an effort to support and entrench capitalism?
It was not in intent.
However, I’d argue that perhaps the ability of a fair few people to perceive these processes as objectives, as being able to be encapsulated by, for example, laws – made it very capitalistic friendly. Hence we could get people like Blair & Clinton, & Fukuyama saying that we have reached a point of no need to press on with stuff like equality – because we already have It. As if the process of equality is a product..(??)

This actually makes me think there is a sort of similarity with art.. In the sense that art is a process – not a product – yet people rather treat art as an It with products/projects/objects..

anti democratic discrimination in the name of democracy?

Where are Jews discriminated against, openly and with a cahooting state power?
Frankelinstine. (otherwise known as israel/palestine)
Where in Frankelinstine Jews are discriminated against in such a manner?
In the area zelot/fanatical/zionist/religious/secular-traditional israeli-jews seem to want to keep most – Jerusalem.
Where in Jerusalem such discriminatory activities take place?
In exactly the space that such big-other-heads gets filled with bog psychogeo beliefs from – where they want to imagine the temple was near to.

The notions above might be very disputable, however, I think the fact that a group of Jews is not being permitted to practice their beliefs freely, is not disputed.. I speculate that if in London, Bradford, Brazilia, Cairo, or else where, Jews – or any kind of religious people – where treated to abuse and denial of their right to practice their beliefs peacefully and without physically harming anyone – there would have been a huge out-cry.. (eg, the outcries that followed attempts to legislate for humane animal killing and outlawing circumcision practices in recent years..)

Another case.. Why would a group of people, in various states and cultures, in the vast majority of contemporary human societies – be denied a right afforded to other group, just because of sexual orientation? Indeed, I think it might be fair to question the democratic credentials of states, societies and cultures that allow such denials to be practised – because they are sexually discriminatory.

The link?
I think that both struggles, that of the Jewish women preying rights and of gay marriage rights – are sort of contemporary poor left overs of forgotten emancipatory freedom movements. The two struggles, unlike movements that questioned social, religious, cultural, political and economical orders, and attempted to energies processes for ever increasing equality and empowerment FOR ALL – the struggles of gay marriage and women praying rights is to accept the order already existing, to accept the culture of religious prayer/marriage – and simply asking to be accepted within it.
Both struggles – which I think should not be denied the rights they demand – are, imho, fail to question and produce a critique that energises democratic processes for all.
For example, the religious women do not struggle for greater emancipation of other religious groups, indeed any other group or individuals – to go around and practice stuff peacefully. That is not their agenda. They seem to demand a right to prey in a certain place, but not the right, for example, other jewish groupings to be accepted in the state that defines itself as jewish. Nor do they seem to wish affording the rights they demand, for free people, or muslims within the israeli state control, to roam and not be denied access into certain areas. (eg, certain areas in jerusalem are dangerous for free women to go into because they’ll get beaten up, or that muslims could go to the beach and not be made to feel un-wanted or in some sort of violent danger..
The gay rights people, like the religious women in jerusalem, do not struggle to question stuff. For example, if marriage is not afforded for gays, why not scrap it? Why not question the religious content? The contemporary relevance of the practice? Why not attempt to invent a democratic answer to democratic questions of marriage?
What about humans that want to marry animals, or in-animate objects, maybe, if marriage is something that should be afforded for all one2one living together arrangements of entities not from same family to begin with, then it should indeed be for all kinds of 121 unions?
In that sense, that these struggles are not for social change but of acceptance within the given order, and that these will be afforded for these limited groups – not others – it seems for me that we are witnessing struggles that are in and of themselves, discriminatory and anti-democratic.

Struggles for emancipation by various groups, like feminism, or indeed the afro-american struggles, and indeed that of jews, were/are not just for these specific groups. They are using these specific issues to shed wider lights and questions over social and cultural practices and processes. They are used to question economic and social structures – eg pay equality. They question voting rights – eg the suffrage was not just for women – but for ALL. Universal, unconditional suffrage.
Even when MLK had a little dream, it was for people of ALL skin colours..

transablities? collisequence?

1 2 4 5 6 9 11
as a strand in a collisequence derived from a shopping trip
because in itself it IS, its Being, is Trans-able. I can do it in a photo, a music, a documentary, an essay, as of itself, or an element, strand, etc.

The question in my mind is just why trans in numbers and spaces to do with shops rather than dots and ticks.
That could be a search activity, a collision chamber of trans approaches..?
My position was of a walker, colliding with transient buildings on a slow moving cerface, etc.. I can be open with that, as a narrative? A trans narrative? I imagined myself walking as I was walking.. etc.. I imagined that people imagine me walking as they watched me walking.. That is contrasted by people imagining me spying, later on, as I was taking photos while walking..
Or how to search while transing borders of jordan and israel/palestine in the desert?

monetary truth and the power of numerical lies?

Seems like the so called state of israel (otherwise known as Frankelinstine) has a problem, people just do not understand the jewish bit of events version. Hence, the state has an “explanation” unit (used to be ministry) known as “hasbara” – hebrew for explanation.
However, the propagandas, errr, explanation efforts might come from people who don’t understand today’s networking ways.. So the state decided to ask its students to prostitute their social networking for the benefit of the state’s prefered story lines.
If the story lines the state wanted to go “out there” were self evident, then perhaps people will not need any encouragement, chersion, or pimping. However, since the israeli state jewish section knows without coercive efforts truths it might not like could surface, they want to do a deal with some of its more patriotic students, go online and pimp israel jewish section, and in return, the state will help pay the university fees!

palestine – israel : 1 monster 4 2 communities?

Having just came back from a short visit in palestine/israel or rather Frankelstine, the Frankensteinian monster of israel + palestine + jews + muslims + christians + other religiously twisted minds, al-jazeera’s headline for, which at time of typing, reads “We didn’t occupy any State” – rings horror in my mind.

Having done the search of meeting places for cockroaches and people at mediterranean biennale in the palestinian village of sakhnin – occupied since 1949 – and began the search for Hamas and Palestinian Authority in the israeli army HQ in tel-aviv; I’ve experienced the pain of 2 brutilised communities. One brutalised via kicking another, the other brutalised by being kicked – violence is a processes of forceful un-understandable, incomprehensible, random and haphazard acts & occurrences. These, like any kind of rape, leave people – perhaps other animals as well – scarred by pain for life.
That is the kind of life religious communities attempt to cultivate. Faced with seemingly random yet brutal universe/”nature”, I think that ancient people had to try and tolerate or accept so they could live without tipping over through fear, might be one of the elements that solved themselves into faith and religion. Hence Job asks for answers and being told to have faith, find the epistemic sensation of answers in faith and be satisfied with that. And that is why the book of Job is not para-biblical.

The people that got to curate the bible, mirroring the forceful arbitrariness that kept throbbing their lives incomprehensibly, I think, did not want or were mentally/emotionally unable to be considerate in their curation. I think they wanted to portray a very certain narrative within the various stories and views that lived within the jewish communities of their times, and their jewish histories.
So when I read “We didn’t occupy any State” the biblical twisting of history came to mind. No one, not even hamas, argues that the jewish community has occupied a state.
I think its rather typical of the jewish community in Frankelstine – though perhaps I shouldn’t write this as there are 0 examples that come to mind. And perhaps such practice of answering questions the other person is not claiming to have, is typical of other groupings as well – I didn’t check.. Indeed, perhaps somehow ironically the typicalness or otherwise of the State occupation question is not important here?
Perhaps the more interesting element is the example of self-righteousness that helps continuing the violence upon the “other” as well as one’s own self..?

easyjet hard against skateboarding

Just gone through “security”* in Luton airport for an easyjet flight to falafel-land*.
Had my skateboard set as wheels for my hand laggage, as the whole setup is the size easyjet allows – i checked..
A guy on the way to security told me that such skateboard wheels are “illegal” – so I put the board inside the bag. (yup, its a small board used for travelling in town. If you haven’t tried, perhaps you should. Its kind of fun! 😉 )
On the way back, the guy that told me off, smiled and let me through. However, the security people that check with a camera stopped me and said I should go to get the board tagged by easyjet.

In fascism, the state’s power is authoritarianly breaking any semblance of equality processes for the benefit, profit, glory and power of capital stake holders. In the little proto fascist state of Luton airport, the security is bent for the benefit of the airlines. Instead of letting me through, as I had a baggage just like anyone, they said that because they could see inside a skateboard, and everyone knows such things are onlt for sport and not some tools for transport – I have to be sent to benefit easyjet and bestow another £27 into their accounts..

Is this the last time I am easyjetting? Perhaps luton airporting?? Perhpas not many other airliners and airports out there offer a different proposition..

I’ll have to check.. Well.. Even if there are alternatives – am just a drop in a huge dry sand desert..

* Security
The equipment that check for metal as you go through blipped for me on my 1st attempt. (before being told to tag the skateboard)
When I asked why, they said it has a random “thing” that blips beyond human intervention.
Then, after tagging the board, it blipped randomly again when I passed through..

* Falafel-land is a possible name for Palestine. Am still negotiating with my kids re that..