search and a freedom as being From?

Say a person is free to eat cucumbers, what is the next question? What that person might be bound by? As in one might get free from shackles but all that happened was entering a yet-to-be-recognised bind? That’s a freedom from, no? What about being free from freedom? From freedom itself? Say one chooses to […]

bathroomisation of life?

If everything is linked to bathroom. Kitchen is preparation for bathroom. Street as a shared toilet and bathing in dirt. Movements, sweating, temperatures are constant body excrements maketrs. The body as an organic toilet, etc. If everything is a loaf of bread linked. If everything is always inside a container. If everything is linked to […]

freedom with objects is a knott?

Just bumped into – am struck by how restrictive it feels while clearly intent on being serious for pushing for freedom. Am curious about the sequence.. The restrictive sense (object, define), the cross with intent (we really want all to be free), and the interval – perhaps disconnected interval – via that crossing. The […]

meaning-free discrimination?

I was checking stuff re frequencies. Meanings free frequencies. Stimuli sensed that is just, errr, sensed without any good/bad/right/wrong attached. X vibration and it matters not whether I like it or not.. THough It might be That I do like the sensation of not having to place meanings, just sensing..? It followed/linked with questioning discrimination […]

open and shut false dichotomies by mep wonnabes

Last night I went to the brighton open rights group meetup with prospective meps. The parties that bothered to send mep wonnabes were greens, labour, libdems, ukip and tories. A bit of a shame because I hoped to check some other parties like yourvoice and the socialists.. Anyhow.. The whole event seemed very formal, with […]

entrapments of palestinians – metphors for living occupied by capitalism?

Was just reading a review of Omar, a film by the same guy that did paradise Now! Should search for this.. Just reading the review, I was wondering why I find this so arresting.. Nothing in my life is really connected to experiences of being an occupied person/entity. However, beyond the empathy with the Other, […]

the last muslim on mars?

seemingly some islamic sects bar their followers from going to Mars, at least in the foreseeable future, based on the assumption the whole adventure is fairly suicidal. Evolutionarily, it could be interesting because this is an example of how culture, religions are cultural elements, yes? – affects and intervenes in the evolution process. So here […]

Uruguay’s marijuana experiments – in freedom we trust?

Uruguay will begin having cheap, affordable, safe, democratically controlled (via elections) Marijuana. The idea, it seems, is to get negative, violent and pricey actors – ie criminals – out of the Marijuana network. I wonder how it will prove itself. My guess is that it could function better than in prohibitive regimes – if indeed […]

when freedom is google, ms, twitter, apple, fb and

other corporations to define – individual rights are an option and financial requirements are above the law.. Based on the guardian reporting that the top digital capitalistic corporations that: * they are concerned about “trust” in the internet. Read – trust in certain corporations, and/or how it is currently organised – not the internet as […]

airport security machines – 7,…

airport security machines – 7,660,000 results (0.27 seconds) VS airport searching machines – 17,400,000 results (0.21 seconds)

congrats whistleblower Ed Snowden

congrats to Ed Snowden, l8st #whistleblower & reminding #freedom has more a question about fear/angst of retribution than making a choice

With this freenet project, are…

With this freenet project, are you guys not conflating #anonymity with #freedom? if it was free i wouldn’t have to be safety concerned 😉