how to wind imagine sense imagination?

How a wind memorably lingers unutterable connections through an imagination? For some – humans, other sentients, and seemingly less animated beings – frictions with winds are like dreams in european cultivated minds, they are perceived as personal, solely experienced by individuals, since wind blows are sensed while winds remain unseen. Effects and affects however, as […]

decolonise colone klne water sussex and aboutness?

WTF? Yesterday i went to a decolonise sussex hookup at brighton’s onca gallery. Thought the boom was meeting up, reading a text and chatting about it. turned out to be the reading and chatting ++. ++? A few things.. however, here i’d like to focus on one “thing” – safe space/s and aboutness with colonization […]

imagining and imagining and yet a bit more?

Do you know people that go: i presume that X (something) is going to happen – therefore am going to do Y (something as a reaction, or linked to the thing they presumed is going to happen)? Like my father? Like the person that presumed they’ll have a job tomorrow and borrowed heavily based on […]

bathroomisation of life?

If everything is linked to bathroom. Kitchen is preparation for bathroom. Street as a shared toilet and bathing in dirt. Movements, sweating, temperatures are constant body excrements maketrs. The body as an organic toilet, etc. If everything is a loaf of bread linked. If everything is always inside a container. If everything is linked to […]

direction without a fit?

It seems curious that “direction of it” has a requirement to, err, Fit. The fitness issue is between words/mind and world/power, in my view. The power is an extension here so will try to focus on why this extension occurred. If I declare a couple to be married, then according to direction of fit, this […]

iff if but not then a potential nor speculation

Just had a read/look at the forest bridge proposal (not suggestion??) for london’s tourists, rich and other possible interested parties and individuals. (gee, this line is full of drivel, but hey, need to get on into the meat of this post, no?) I really wonder whether the making of this image is transforming the imagination […]

Tiananmen Square is squaring china?

Its a bit of a sketchy report – however, by the sound of it, the chinese rulers take artistic imagination very seriously. Perhaps I do have afterall something in common with these guys..

making the real unreal in realisation?

It seems like there is a certain cultivation, or is it a drive(?), that seems to be implicitly acceptable by many or a sizable amount of people that might use more full stops in their lines, or might even place commas in the correct places, and probably might even write like this line is doe […]

imagine it and how the it works?

Yesterday in the supermarket they played the Lennon interpretation of Imagine. My head went, OK Lets suppose there’s no heaven.. ph! err, actually, I don’t need to – heaven in itself is a religious imagination dressed up/conflated with non-imaginary real.. Hummm.. OK.. He is suggesting that All the People live for Today? wow! Hold on […]

29 Ifs and a few others?

If imagination is imprisoned by other realities – eg “do it” ongoing exhibition if imagination has its own reality that aspires, like realities do, to live itself rather than as an interpretation of itself if imagination is an interpretative If (an if that Can be interpreted, yet once interpreted is not an if in the […]

imagination and violence?

Imagination technologies do not mean anything, in my mind. Nothing innate, nothing in them that isn’t violent by its nature. However, nothing in them that Is naturally violent. eg a firearm tech is by its nature to produce a violent event. Might not be an act, but even burning stuff is violent.. However, writing tech, […]

thoughts or contemplations re power, imagination, embodiment and

art? Was checking arts linked Occupy Museums acts, and asked myself why am not exactly taking part of such actions/activities.. There seems, for me, to be a fair few elements that seem to prevent me from taking part, however here & now I’d like try focusing on power. To do occupation, perhaps only in my […]

a question of a web side story and a

holocaust? I have just came back from Warsaw where I hooked up with an old friend. I mentioned the process of fear cultivation giving the web as an example of an element where once the question of how to be fearlessly free was an emphesised process, now increasingly the process, if/when/where exists, is in context […]

anti-zionism imagined as anti-semitism imagined as

anti-israel imagined as bigoted attitude linkable with nazism.. (Notes, nazism in this context is not imagined by these who maintain the above sequence as part of the more general element of fascism..) I recall wiesenthal centre’s much dedicated work to help catch naties/nazi-collaborators and bring the to trial as a respected endeavour. And yes, I […]

art and technology 2014 prediction time?

..but before all these predictions, click Here for some relevant stuff about 2013 And more past predictions from edge.. A few links to 2014 art predictions: * a return to museum of modern art Owls department? * More media and advert oriented than art.. * More activism than art, but here you go.. * More […]

will, wills, way, willies, performance, performativities and perhaps

lights? walls? solutions? waves? grass? new-beginnings? OK.. (Should stop that..) I was taking some food up the stairs and doing some acrobatics to keep the plates, cups, and food in-tact. My brain said to itself “when there is a will – there is a way”.. Lets consider that? Why is it Will and Way, rather […]

notes about imagination and linkes elements?>

i think that because of stuff i imagine to have been through, the language of imagination is that of links. suggestive links, crossing links, sequential links, etc. – however links they are. This disturbs me because: – i am probably wrong, there must be other elements – irreducible/primes – of the imagination lingo-material. – i […]