an internet from agreements?

you mean internet of agreements? the name “internet of agreements” has been TMed already. Interesting, hey? 😉 well.. how else can you get so many people, content and machines together? only by agreement? you want them all to disagree? can we say that an agreement is kind of a contract? if we can live with […]

data on the web is too static

for the internet? Following the day we fight back‘s instance in brighton, some thoughts came to me regarding critique of how we do stuff. It seems for me, that at least to some partial extent, the ability of entities like google to use our content/data is precisely because We tend to imagine the data in […]

russia is NSA snowden friendly – greenpeace enemy?

While offering Snowden a place to hide from USA vengeful anger – Russia puts Greenpeace activists on “Piracy” trial, with potential 15 years in the slammer. Does it not make the Russian federation slightly more hypocritical than even the USA manages to be? I mean.. The kind of crazy stuff that comes out of the […]

google and power abuse for cynical view of human laziness

People, like any organic and perhaps even non-organic network-switch-modes (NSM??), seek the optimum laziest way to be. You’d rather type YA than YACY, for the search engine webaddress to come up. Hence the heads in google and other profiteering organisations, figured hey, we can own one word and people’s minds at the same time. Why […]