its supposed to be a joke

One of the things am rather interested while in Palestine is to check for links and possible seeming similarities that cross the sectarian divides. An element that pops up during this visit is people saying stuff, me not laughing, and them saying “its supposed to be a joke”. I can not tell a joke to […]

palestine all over?

On way to Umm el Fahem art gallery Via skateboarding the 77.7km between the airport and the town of Umm el Fahem. A few basic definitions to palestine oriented vocabulary: The place commonly known as “israel” = palestine. The p[lace commonly known as palestine/west-bank = palestine. Am not dernying the exsitance of various communities, structures […]

what’s in naming a place?

Palestine is a name, no? yes. So why not just call it “israel”? It seems to me that the name “israel” distorts what there is there in terms of groups and groupings of people. (assuming the naming thing is to do with people rather than giving winds directions..) How so? Lets say we called the […]