arbitrariness of arbitrary not?

Am collecting stuff to translate icelandic, japanese and brazilian portugese into one another.. Talking about this, a person asked a seemingly obvious question: why these languages? Now, I have certain reasons which seem to have been fine for that particular conversation. However: Am I sure these are reasons rather than dressed up excuses? Am I […]

links/search/language/organism(?) in a and b or is it A & B?

if a + b a + bb a + b + ab aaaa A aa + b b + + a bb + + a + b a ————————————- when a | b + / + / -> bbaa a a + b / a + b -> aaaabb ————————————–

the link and its kind as the materials and building blocks(??) of imagination?

HINDI LINK: link-noun लिंक link कड़ी link, linkage, clinch, concatenation, track shoe, joist संपर्क contact, touch, liaison, connection, link, communication शृंखला series, chain, catena, string, link, linkage सधि link, linkage जंजीर की कड़ी link, linkage मशाल torch, flambeau, link एक चैन का सौवां भाग link, linkage link-verb जोड़ना add, link, connect, concatenate, attach, enclose मिलाना […]

in a linked sequence you don’t need to kill me to assert yourself

No need != none. Hence a possibility rather than utopia. A possibility that could bring its own harsh outcomes, rather than a complete positive. Its another kind of doubt – i doubt? In an unlinked culture, a painter, mathematician, etc., can adhere and cultivate traditions, or attempt to “break”. The “break” is to assert a […]

quantum physics linking game theory

According to this news, Bell non-locality and Bayesian game theory, can be linked in a way which, might, produce yet-to-be-explored ways of using the two together. I wonder if the research was to show that there is no Mutual connection, it could be the non-linkage that could lead to new explorations too, no? eg, other […]