bathroomisation of life?

If everything is linked to bathroom. Kitchen is preparation for bathroom. Street as a shared toilet and bathing in dirt. Movements, sweating, temperatures are constant body excrements maketrs. The body as an organic toilet, etc. If everything is a loaf of bread linked. If everything is always inside a container. If everything is linked to […]

eternal internet brotherhood’s art and artists early get togethers

Here’s some info re etinterbro – eib – past meetings/residencies. Was checking to get the groove-feel.. Will probably have to check again.. Here are the links:

root free is not root less but root unchanged in a way that

perhaps roots – the tv series re slavery – re-changed, to a history, but didn’t set free? OK.. this was a bit of a long sequence with probable short life. However, I could have said: “this was a bit of a long sequence with probable short life” as: That was a bit of a Baseless […]

daily links already?

art Priscilla Tea! Maciej Ratajski Cult of the Amateur? Day 1 generative language, science etc emergent and generative elements/properties Transformational-Generative Grammar from Ruth […]

mid eveningish links batch genetic noises nocode? bitcoins suckness Philosophy Matters24

sensations as are links they are?

if you keep with this process that you are reading now, lets call this reflecto-senso-read.. Now, via that declaration, we have reflecto-senso-reading? spoken, written and shared-made lingos as senslinks..? 1 + 1 is a link to other sensations that can be sharedlinked as 1s..? eg the whole of the earthbound incect population is 1, the […]

will, wills, way, willies, performance, performativities and perhaps

lights? walls? solutions? waves? grass? new-beginnings? OK.. (Should stop that..) I was taking some food up the stairs and doing some acrobatics to keep the plates, cups, and food in-tact. My brain said to itself “when there is a will – there is a way”.. Lets consider that? Why is it Will and Way, rather […]

midday ish kind of links?

Tim Ingold on Anthropology beyond Humanity Ray Brassier – Nominalism, Naturalism and Materialism (irreduction) Irreductions More on Accelerationism 20 THESES ON GRAHAM HARMAN’S ABSTRACT MONIST IDEALIST ONTOLOGY (updated) Scientists Create an Organism with a New Genetic Code,%20Carolina.pdf […]

notes about imagination and linkes elements?>

i think that because of stuff i imagine to have been through, the language of imagination is that of links. suggestive links, crossing links, sequential links, etc. – however links they are. This disturbs me because: – i am probably wrong, there must be other elements – irreducible/primes – of the imagination lingo-material. – i […]

links dump of the day

perhaps a few days and some intersecting links.. Why Virtual Currency Is Here to Stay – Bitcoin or No Bitcoin Imagination Gone Wild: Combat and Emergent AI Possibilities from EQNext,%20Carolina.pdf Scientists Create an Organism with a […]

a web of ubu db?

we we talking ubuweb at furtherfield hosting of Giving What You Don’t Have. the suggestion that ubuweb has no critique and the critique offered in place linked … sorry.. got to write something else…. OK.. Back here.. The critique talked about at the talk in furtherfield linked in my mind to – Hey! lets make […]

a few thoughts re links in rhythms and networks of ducks

was just typing the beginning of a-web-of-ubu-db. then it seemed for me that idk why people look for, in my view, fetishise, origins of processes, practices, projects and objects. …which linked to/with/into links in networks.. links rather than event/cause/effect are the network make up. ..but you see how i wrote this? rather than something (commonly […]

#art blackhole – links to/from the gallery? #bdf13 (zelda’s image cache links?) (links as a name for a gallery?) (some of artbylt’s web links?) (links as html web based to galleries?) (links to local art connected activities?) (links to web resources?) (another links as a gallery name?) ( a domain name?) #artblkhole questions: the links […]

#art black hole – links to/from the gallery? #bdf13

#artblkhole questions: the links to/from the gallery? #bdf13 — aharon (@aharonic) September 4, 2013 by name or aspirations?) (perhaps connections between kind of objects production modes?) (a presentation of dogs?) (a No site, with a promise to use the gallery as a connector, a link, between the artist and the world?) […]

trans and maths or numbers and meanings?

I keep wondering about stuff like: the number 2, for example, it can apply for 2 apples, 2 as an abstract outcome of a calculation, as an element of another number, as an element of a calculation, etc… In such usages, the 2 doesn’t mean something other than what it is, but is being applied […]

categorically prejudiced ideologue

An interesting lecture a Human Behavioral Biology by Robert Sapolsky . – About 15 mins in he is talking about categories and the prejudicial difficulties they produce. The tack that is critical of categories seems very attractive to me. Perhaps am blinded by the attractiveness, however the notion of checking cause and effect to counter […]

significance and meanings with links

Am checking stuff re epigenetics – not sure why, but perhaps that is one of the epigenetic motivators.. So was listening to: – don’t be fooled by the subject, the delivery is as dry as it gets. She is trying though.. Hopefully she’ll get better. Anyhow, I think that through that dry delivery, and […]