illogical, a capitalistic hypocricity, or fallacy?

Illogicality, in general, doesnt seem like a bother, in fact it seems that life – or even being – is not entirely logical. To use oxygen, we need to burn, a process that in itself isn’t danger-less.. Might have been more “logical” to have a different approach.. (illogicality – hence many people might have difficulty […]

daily links dump – a bit more slightly categories..

logic & fallacies: Open source logic analyzer propositional+logic+examples propositional+logic;_Cayley_table;_binary.svg—Critical-Reasoning-6th-edition_98475.html noise art logic […]

≡ ≡ ≡ ≡ iff ≡ ≡ ∨ (truth tables) Oxymoron Examples | Oxymoron Definition | Examples of Oxymorons (Oxymora)

noise noise logic and other dimensional noises?

if/when X is an organism, it is not content within its enclosure, x now is not an object but a searching being.

a b and c? problem or?

if a is b and b is c then a is c if a is b then a is not c when a is c and a is not c then c is not c ———- problem or problematising? the c b and a thing seems to me like a logical lingo that am perhaps […]

illogical logical fallacious truths?

Am researching logical fallacies with an interest on contradictions.. Was wandering if there are lists of illogical stuff that are in fact truths.. For some, democracy and anarchy are illogical.. Or that making drugs legal, actually helps.. Or that the earth is globular.. Or that sometimes, shooting, can be fun.. etc.. Here are a few […]