numbers and fetishes?

Suppose this here is not number 1, and this number – 3 – isn’t really the number three. Lets suppose the world we lived in said that in order for us to be able and count “1”, we needed to go to a particular place and look at a specific rock in the shape of […]

daily links dump – a bit more slightly categories..

logic & fallacies: Open source logic analyzer propositional+logic+examples propositional+logic;_Cayley_table;_binary.svg—Critical-Reasoning-6th-edition_98475.html noise art logic […]

trans and maths or numbers and meanings?

I keep wondering about stuff like: the number 2, for example, it can apply for 2 apples, 2 as an abstract outcome of a calculation, as an element of another number, as an element of a calculation, etc… In such usages, the 2 doesn’t mean something other than what it is, but is being applied […]