if server cloud memory

Was checking an app that might store stuff instantly on “cloud” while thinking: why am checking “cloud” can it not be done to my server directly?
Recently had a few chats regarding the peculiarity of remembering. Instead of recalling a X (event/person/object/etc) itself – it seems we tend recall Y that reminds of the X.. Rhymes in songs and poetry, were used specifically for assisting memory.. So do various kind of metaphors.. As in how to recall new information? Via linking it to old info/data until the new gains its own distinct confabulation? Is this another way of doing McLuhan’s going ahead while looking at the rear view mirror?

It can be said that the so called “cloud” is, in a sense, what a more tech sounding term – “server” – might refer to.. However, “cloud”, I think, is a rather more familiar term no? How many times have you seen a server? How many times clouds were in your life..?
Place your data on the internet like raindrops on a cloud.. Now we have visuals, familiar ones, to play with..

This points towards an interesting, in my mind, element(??) of recalling/memory.. A sort of inability to remember X itself, but always a Link, a reminder of X.. (Is that reminder/link a type/kind of contingency..?)

Could that (above notion of no-self), on the frequency of link, be actually a yes self? ie that the new info/data Is a link, however because we know not yet what to, nor when or how – the conservative/fearful 1st option is linking to a known, the already familiar, the concurred, or even conquered..

Indeed.. Most army units will move within a conquered area – be it into enemy controlled or in retreat. However, special forces/units will be fine operating in unlinked (to known territory), unfamiliar areas.. Not exactly avant guard because it does not reflect upon advance, but similar in the sense of un-linked or rather in an unknown that Requires perception in and of its own links/connections/life – rather than an arbitrary *pre-existed* past.. (ie if I know of clouds, the link association with internet technologies is arbitrary.. Its there mainly because one happened to have a clue regarding clouds, I think, rather than gaining clulessness regarding net techs..?)

Indeed, clouds once were masses of rock and soil/earth, before they floated in the air..

memories and excitement marks?

I think it is hard to argue that people, as individuals and societies, kind of fancy being remembered. In fact, I could also argue that every bit, if asked, would have an element that fancies being recalled. Every leaf that falls in autumn, fancies being a memory within the wind – because it is within us all. Without living a mark, being recalled, we can not do evolution. In fact, evolution can occur only because we leave marks – or seem to, or think we do.
In a sense, it can be argued that perhaps leaving a mark, making a memory, or rather making stuff that is Able to be a memory, or can enable memories, or can Be a part of an evolution – is how we search, how the rhythms of searching as a practice are.
Excitement, according to epigenetical views, leaves pan/cross/trans generational marks. The findings are more evident re traumatic memories/excitements like famines, 09.11, etc., however by extrapolation, the non/less traumatic excitements should be as important. (eg, if memories/excitements other than traumas were not in effect, the traumatic ones would not be visible.. Not much darkness if there is no light..(?))

How to leave my mark? How to get you excited? How to make sure someone, somewhere in this life barren universe – or even multiverse – will be able to get something from me and connect it, link it to some utterly disposable evolution of something or another?
I’d be good. I’d be bad. I’d be glad. I’d be mad. I’d be funny. I’d be silly. I’d be quick. I’d be anything you like – like a proper prostitute. And like most sex-based, and other (come to think of it) prostitutes, I’d be well forgotten by the time non-prostitutes are deemed boring.

Hence, like a good prostitute I’d tantalise, I’s excite your easily accessible bits. I’d do anything to leave my mark on you. My mark is a spell. A spell we could both fall into, and in for.
I’d excite you like an explosion, and then we could both be and be gone in a lifeless evolution.
Perhaps this is a part of how evolution and development is/are.
Perhaps that’s how such processes are, and I’d buy that idea unless one thing disturbed my mind. Survival.
I know that myself, and other animals do stuff for survival. I’d do all sorts of prostitution to survive, if needed. Perhaps not all kinds, but certainly some. I think we all do – but that is not an excuse, just a badly thought of reminder.
I also know that at times I am not afraid of survival, or that other people (can tell re people as am far less sure re other animals/entities when it comes to such levels of reading the other), when less concerned with survival, and just following – or being enabled by, or spurred/motivated by – what ever seems interesting regardless of outcome and that outcome is, in a sense, immaterial, then markers of memory are made that do not require added spices. Infact the excitement about such markers is precisely the fact that they seem – or even are – interesting, memorable without the need to underline it. That they seem to leave a mark without attempting to do so..

Should some examples be searched here?

headless but not brainless or memoryless – worms

Sort of memo note of possible public interest:
Did you know decapitated – yes, headless – worms can grow their heads again? OK, its new for me..
It seems – perhaps somehow deceptively – that memories of the old head/brain come with the new one..(??!!)
Imagine – losing your head, keep living, and yet have some nostalgia..?