if server cloud memory

Was checking an app that might store stuff instantly on “cloud” while thinking: why am checking “cloud” can it not be done to my server directly? Also Recently had a few chats regarding the peculiarity of remembering. Instead of recalling a X (event/person/object/etc) itself – it seems we tend recall Y that reminds of the […]

memories and excitement marks?

I think it is hard to argue that people, as individuals and societies, kind of fancy being remembered. In fact, I could also argue that every bit, if asked, would have an element that fancies being recalled. Every leaf that falls in autumn, fancies being a memory within the wind – because it is within […]

headless but not brainless or memoryless – worms

Sort of memo note of possible public interest: Did you know decapitated – yes, headless – worms can grow their heads again? OK, its new for me.. It seems – perhaps somehow deceptively – that memories of the old head/brain come with the new one..(??!!) Imagine – losing your head, keep living, and yet have […]