net nutrality demonstrates the non nutrality and illetimacy of money?

numerical exchange? or is it just a corrupt island – a where there is a sequence of covering practices between seeming intent (just people with concerns), driving intent (pay people to play as if they are concerned – ie no discussion possible because what they say they want is not what they really want or give a shit about), and entities that pay while knowing that the very fact they have to pay, undermines their argument while raising its visibility, yet that very visibility is that of a bubble because the means undermine it.. Like bought love.. Check this out..?

art and flexibility based on convenient needs – otherwise known as hypocrisy?

There seem to be a bunch of people that make objects which they term “art”. Once the “art” is used, they think it bestows added value, a numerical exchange value, which they seem happy to redeem.
On one hand the object becomes “special” because it might express some cultural value and meaning. On the other hand, such value and meaning added to said object, is very easily translate-able to the function of numerical exchange such as money..?