Naughtycon, noticon, n.icon, noci, n0c1, 0ycon, 0—>?

Am trying to rethink Perhaps with 0’ks and -s as sequences to linked images that can be negotiated.. A sort of extension forking way from Seemed apt to check current usages of the term, or similar ones:

Naughtycon Skateboarding: A project proposal to Kunsthalle

  Naughtycon Skateboarding: A project proposal to Kunsthalle Bratislava 2014 Naughtycon Skateboarding Background and general information This proposal is an iteration and development from an early work with Naughtycons in 2012 at Phoenix Gallery, Brighton. As seen in the image on the right. The term “Naughtycon” is a play on “Emoticon” with a hint at […]

The Naughtycon Negotiation – Phoenix Brighton Process #1

This is where the negotiative process, following the invite, will take place. If Phoenix Brighton negotiates in person – cool. If Phoenix Brighton doesn’t pick up the offer – cool.  { Either way, the negotiative process will continue & produce its own activity/ies. Hence this is an invite for a process. A bit like a […]