proof of no proof proofing unproved the proover dis-prover


Check some anti pro west news on, where they posted some details re Greenwald’s assertion that spy agencies do various online manipulations they really should not..

However the reality of the situation really is, in terms of news manipulations, the point is precisely that even if it does not occur – it is a possibility..
If indeed as this sounds a plausible possibility, perhaps it warrants a “news proof proofing protocol”??
Just a quick wonder whether it might be an interesting challenge for people.. If we can have a proof of work/stake.etc. protocol for an exchange network as in the bitcoin and derivatives, is it not possible to have a sort of proof of authenticity re news?
Perhaps interestingly, I read somewhere.. Where? Here! an idea of doing authenticity proof network for “art” where art = objects to be sold, hence bringing back the idea of author, authentic object, numbered edition etc..

In a sense perhaps this is regarding an automation of stuff many of us keep doing re news anywhere.. Cross checking info.. The DontByteTillXed protocol? 😉

the colliding imagination search as a being of Being not dead being that used to?

Just posted to media-curating-lust and presented stuff a bit as a search, but perhaps not fully.. i wanted to say also that its not needed to specify certain elements because people could make their own.. Not just in mind but in shareable way, on the network. How evr this would have requred me talking about the attempt of using searches to leave stuff as shareable yet uncommunicable or un-utterable, or both.. And that as a way of doing the Being of the particular imagination.. Thought it was not entirely required in that email.. Maybe am wrong and should have wrote/mentioned that?
Perhpa I should just keep an eye and mention/not per replies.. Usually people read my text and move on to easier things in life.. Or is it unlife..? 😉

how to kill a us president without taking their life while being a mass murderer?

How do I imagine a couple being accused of being a mass murderer by killing bush/obama/clinton – while the accuser acknowledging the people are still alive?
I think this will be an interesting and worth while search in itself!
However, or it might be an element of the search, the question of act & language might be interesting/relevant here.. People can fairly easily exploit what I take to be a possible human, perhaps cultural-specific yet cultural problem, by stoking a sense that words and acts should reflect one another – not cross, reflect upon, question, link, etc. – one another.
I think the idea is that once a person says they are hungry for food, this indicated/reflects a certain sense/feel of a bodily condition. I say X and am X. What if a person said:
am hungry because:
my body is tired? plausible?
am thinking of sound barrier based gallery? hummm..?
am an electric wire?
a coggable wheel?
now say they uttered the above while:
* running.
* cooking.
* dressing up.
* pointing towards the moon.

Perhaps when we attempt to communicate, acts and wording should illustrate and reflect one another? It is, I suppose a certain kind of elements-mutual support. However it distorts how stuffactually is.. (hence am thinking of communication.. an agreeable distortion..)

However, how is it when/if we share – or try to – the more complex rhythm, that of life?

..and then again, if we do the complex – how do we know whether or not a person is a mass murderer that killed a living us president without ever killing anyone..?

apple face amazon book google micro stumbleupon soft bank?

I begin to notice a fair few capitalists – eg pheed – make a bit of a noise that They will not keep YouR data. Your content will be only yours, you just let us keep it, right?
Is it not a bit like the money that is Yours and the banks let you keep it with them – err You let them keep it for you? Safe?
Made me wonder if we can think of media capitalists in analogous way to banks..
Data banks?
The data is virtual, like money it is valuable only so long we make it up?

More interestingly, I think, is that the banks’ Power comes via being in some control over the exchange, the mode of exchange and its values. Is it not too dissimilar to media corps that want to be used, hence be made Your exchange modes providers? The fopcus is not on the content that runs through them – but the fact it runs through. That is where most traditional hence settelements were built on places where people will have to come and exchange at.. On rivers, water holes, etc.. The value was about controlling the place for exchange.. Looks like it still is..

categorically prejudiced ideologue

An interesting lecture a Human Behavioral Biology by Robert Sapolsky . –

About 15 mins in he is talking about categories and the prejudicial difficulties they produce.

The tack that is critical of categories seems very attractive to me. Perhaps am blinded by the attractiveness, however the notion of checking cause and effect to counter categorical thinking/imagining is a mistaken turn in my mind. It seems to me that cause and effect requires an ideology, a categorical prejudice, that predetermines the link between 2 or more elements to be cause and effect type.

Hyposub is a term that questions, or imagines the questioning of cause and effect kind of linking. As far as I seem to comprehend, Sapolsky suggests where a behaviour comes from. What happened around, what kind of neurons were firing, which elements were at play prior to an event.
I think that this approach, somehow ironically in the case of Sapolsky because he seems to push for anarchic rather than hierarchical understanding/learning, produces a prejudice of heirarchical processes. (one will not Be without X.) However, if we are in fact equals in a clustered soup network, then perhaps only link between signal switches*, that might go either/all ways, is a rather more accurate or free way to imagine?

Am using signal switches as basic possible elements, not with number attachment in mind. My fingers as signal switches on the keyboards’ keys that are signal switches -> the keys affect my fingers, determain where and how and in which effort they more, as much as my fingers affect the keys, press them keys. If we check the key being pressed as an effecy from a cause, we miss the network..?

under the stand hypo stasis sub stance behind the visible

It feels like the terms we use for imagining how stuff IS, are based on concepts of ancient minds that asked questions of in-consequential nature? Perhaps epistemological nature when we try to get ontological?

How come these ideas come to mind.. Hummm.. Well:

* it began by checking substance. Sub and stance which has a reference to the Being of elements and imagining that being as stuff Under (sub) the Stance (that which stands/seen/appear). Yes, an interpretation, but I wonder how incorrect..
Specially when considering:
* It might be that Substance, with latin roots, is a later version of Hypostasis, a greek term that seemingly refers to the same sequence, of considering the Being of stuff, how X Is being. Again, we have an imagination of Hypo – under – and Stasis, a fixed and seen element.
Interesting? Perhaps not yet..
* Understand is literally Under + Stand. We confabulate that into “I know X” when X might be a meaning, a subject, a knowledge, an information, etc. However, it can also be taken, as a short hand for “I get the substance”. I “dig” it – what ever that It might be.

In all these examples, that seem to rely on ancient minds’ imaginations and subsequent conceptions, we have a duality between the stand/stance/stasis and its under causes. The cause that makes X be visible..
Ontology and pre-ontology?
Clusters and networks?
Signals and objects?

I do not know that am able to get past that at the moment.. Past that binary duality of misconception and subsequent conception. I want to type – of Life – but ofcourse it is Part of life, misconceptions and misconceptions LINKS to/with rest of signal switches?

Perhaps currently am content with the imagination of Switch – In, Operations, Out. Switch is a basic Rhythmic unit!!??

#heg13, equalpay and the reasons i will vote green, you?

I wanted to vote “anything but” @BHgreens . Nationally, @thegreenparty in general and @CarolineLucas in particular – despite recent political t-shirted stunts – are V disappointing imho. (..attempting to reform capitalist outlets is a de-facto acceptance of #capitalism, hence placing page #3 images on par with financial rather than cultural legitimacy. @CarolineLucas version of own foot shooting, I guess..)
@thegreenparty had a platform to expand, being in Parliament.
@thegreenparty had a chance to develop new policies, radical – rather than extreme – and embarce the uber importance of #art, #culture, #network as well as #economic emancipatory needs.
@thegreenparty had a time to challenge, the so called “austerity” – the #Capitalistic Big Fail – which everyone knew will cause a turn for right-wing nationalistic and bigoted parties, eg @UKIP. Being in parliament was the Perfect time to try and make a push with future voters. @thegreenparty and @carolinelucas chose cosing up for power, being Nice to current hierarchies and creating a divide between them, politicians, and electorate, hence leaving the greens stepping backwards.
Locally, the greens are yet to do stuff that excites me and doesn’t turn me off from them. For example, @jasonkitcat and @BHGreens behaviour and the attempt to open up local debate through staged pseudo curatorial practices that celebrated their power to decide the discourse rather than open up agendas and to listen – seemed in my mind like cheap populistic politics from the gutters of power-mad nightmares.
@BHGreens as @BHLabour, did not do much towards giving local recycling coop, @magpierecycling, the contract for doing the work for the council. Opting for private sector instead.. 🙁
Politically, I am against the capitalistic flavour of the @thegreenparty. Their solutions are well within #capitalism framework, and worst, in my mind, they do not question it, eg “green economy” – Bush would be proud. Living wage is old school evolved from 19th century’s do-gooders capitalists, perhaps can be argued to be capitalistic apologists?
(Locally, I think the Tory nature of @thegreenparty is well illustrated by the fact that most, if not all, their council gains, came via once Tory held wards – not labour. ie, It seems they appeal more to people who once voted tories.. Though this might be utterly wrong if it happened that somehow only in former tory wards some demographics have changed in @thegreenparty directions?)
Above policies are a few that tit-me-up, am not going into obvious stuff like, “sustainability”, being “natural”, recycling and the fear & blame campaigns that are pumped into schools with green agenda.
Nor am I impressed via being spammed by keithtaylor mep, or the @thegreenparty utter fail to address or understand network, networking, internet, digital, biological and technological freedoms. (perhaps its the conservative green core that prevents it?) Def not like the @PiratePartyUK understands..

However, I have voted for @Carolinelucas and the local @BHGreens last elections, because there weren’t other interesting options and I wanted to give @thegreenparty/@bhgreens a chance to develop in office/parliament. #FAIL

Why I urge others to vote green in #heg13 on 11.06? Well, lets be honest, these local byelections are not going to change the whole wide world, perhaps not even the little world here in hanover and elm-grove ward. However, @BHGreens, are having a tough period at the moment because a decision they took for something that should be dear to all of our hearts, and that for my sad surprise, @bhlabour, @huxley06 and national @UKLabour‎ did not respond to (when i asked), but rather continued in kindergarten politics attempting to point divisions in greens – aren’t such divisions show the democratic nature of the group??!! – and misrepresent the issues of the binstrike pay dispute. Even given the chance, via the @BHGreens leaflet highlighting the =pay nature of the dispute, the @bhlabour and TUSC #heg13 candidates declined to pick it up and show issue in their own perspective.
I am fed up with political candidates treating voters – me – as a child that should be placated temporarily rather than a person they can engage with.

Despite the fact am against payments – numerical exchange modes need to be questioned – but as long as we use these archaic and restrictive exchange modes, I support =pay anywhere and everywhere because it helps emancipation in the economic sphere. This, I think, should be supported and given the thumbs up!

So, yes, I will vote @davidinhanove this time. (@davidinhanove twitts atrociously, perhaps writing is not his forte – – but he is more of a community person.. a dialogist and an organiser(??), judging from his past.. )
Since I suspect the @thegreenparty nationally and locally are going to stay the same, they will not get my vote and recommendation come next elections. For now friends, perhaps pegup your noses – politics and @thegreenparty do stink – on thursday 11/06 go to the polling stations, and support =pay when it needs to get a show of support.

ok.. am all ranted out now.. 😉


How to be a collidable network sound and live to tell about it? (H2BACNSAL2TAI?)


H2BACNSAL2TAI is a group activity that builds, and possibly destroys, a sonic network. H2BACNSAL2TAI imagines how networkable sound lives, from the view of sounds, via to the creation of collisions & networks.

Data networks made of bits known as “packets”, are chunks of information passed on within a given locale to create a network of information.

H2BACNSAL2TAI is an active imagining how it might be as an information packet that contains sound in a network. This is done through actively breaking the network – through colliding packets. Each collision will create its own new network sound.


To do H2BACNSAL2TAI, we need at least 3 people – upto any number – to form a circle. To begin with, there will be 2 kinds of messages – sound based “information packets”. Initiated by me, each type will be sent through the circle in a clockwise and anti-clockwise directions.

The initial two message types will be:

* A coded logic pseudocode that would have made packets containing sounds collide and produce new sounds which could then travel to other direction on the network. Since it’s an algorithmic pseudocode logic, each person will be able to imagine being a collidable sound in a network. Each object – 53 in total – will travel anti-clockwise.

* Symmultaniously, 53 ideas of sound objects will travel clockwise through the circle. The sound ideas consist of descriptions and noise making, to do with collision sensations – e.g. gritted teeth, wind hitting guitar strings, an earth history of solar winds, etc..

Through H2BACNSAL2TAI process, collisions between nodes/people in the network will be created. Each person will progressively become a “sound colliding chamber” when they receive and transfer 2 different sound types – code & sound ideas.

On completing a full circle , a 3rd sound element will be introduced: Physical “sound packages” made of gaffa-taped bottles and balloons, filled with nuts**.

These will be thrown within the group, at times to another person, and others with the intention of colliding the “sound packages”. If the objects collide, they will be combined (taped) or split to form new sound packages.

The Sounds:

how to be a collidable network sound and live to tell about it (H2BACNSAL2TAI)

Key: is there a packet?=Vi | a friend ? = Ve | a foe? = Vo | an action? = Va | an object = Vo’e


1. sound of an arrow meeting side wind

2. sound of a splat on a lit lighter

3. sound of a traffic inside the scream painting

4. sound of a gasping cyclonic car

5. sound of a missile hitting a heart

6. sound of a chamber orchestra changing clothes

7. sound of a ripple after its gone

8. sound of a hypersonic light

9. sound of a jeeped humvee

10. sound of a reloaded trumpet

11. sound of a deloaded trumpet

12. sound of a unloaded trumpet

13, sound of an empty garage missing a dead body

14. sound of an engine attempting to become biological

15. sound of a an arbitrary number becoming meaningful

16. sound of a an arbitrary number unbecoming meaningfulness

17. sound of a de-becoming of meaning translated into a number

18. sound of a de-becoming of meaning expressed as a number

19. sound of a de-becoming of meaning understood as a number

20. sound of a de-becoming of meaning represented as a number

21. sound of a bus meeting a chicken

22. sound of a bus morphing into a chicken

23. sound of a baby bus-chicken

24. sound of a keyboard at the end of the day

25. sound of a day’s end in a keyboard

26. sound of a day keyboard by the beginning of night

27. sound of a blender with a drum

28. sound of a drummed blender

29. sound of a drumming blender

30. sound of a drummer blender

31. sound of a blending drummer

32. sound of a blending drum

33. sound of a blended drum

34. sound of a splat sneezed

35. sound of a gasp belched

36. sound of a zipped wind

37. sound of a bottling beat

38. sound of a snored ouch!

39. sound of a humming chirp

40. sound of a barking roar

41. sound of a barking lion

42. sound of a snorting caw

43. sound of a snorting crow

44. sound of a bulleting cockatoo

45. sound of a bulleting bleeper

46. sound of a bulleting morse-code

47. sound of a morse-coding a bullet

48. sound of decoding a morse-coded a bullet

49. sound of re-coding a morse-coded a bullet

50. sound of a sneezed a morse-coded bullet

51. sound of a bullet’s will

52. sound of a barking will

53. sound of an unwilling will

1. Vi Vo Va Vo

2. Vi Va Ve

3. Vi Va VoVe VoVe

4. Vi Vo’e Vo Ve

5. Vi Vo’e Va Vo’e

6. Vi VaVo’e Ve Ve

7. Vi Va Vo Vo

8. Vi VaVa Vo’eVe

9. Vi VaVo’e VaVo’e Vo

10. Vi Va Va Vo’e

11. Vi Va Vo Vo’e

12. Vi Va Vo Vo’e

13. Vi Va Vo’e Vo Ve

14. Vi Vo’e Vi Vi Vo’e Vo

15. Vi Vo’e ViVa Ve

16. Vi Vo’e VoViVa Ve

17. Vi VoVeViVa Ve Va Vo’e

18. Vi VoVeViVa Ve Va Vo’e

19. Vi VoVeViVa Ve Va Vo’e

20. Vi VoVeViVa Ve Va Vo’e

21. Vi Vo’e Vi Ve

22. Vi Vo’e Vi Ve

23. Vi Ve Vo’e

24. Vi Vo’e Vo

25. Vi Vo’e Vo Vo’e

26. Vi Vo’e Vi Ve

27. Vi Va Vi Vo’e Ve

28. Vi VaVo’e Vo’e Ve

29. Vi Vo’eVa Vo’e Ve

30. Vi Vo’eVa Vo’e Ve

31. Vi VaVo’e Vo’e Vo

32. Vi VaVo’e Vo’e Vo

33. Vi VaVo’eVo Vo’e Vo

34. Vi VaVo VaVo

35. Vi Va VaVe

36. Vi VoVaVo’e Vo’eVa

37. Vi VoVaVo’e Ve

38. Vi Va Vo

39. Vi Va Ve

40. Vi VaVo’e Ve

41. Vi Va Va Vo

42. Vi Va Vo’e Ve

43. Vi Va Vo’e Vo

44. Vi Va Vo’e Vo

45. Vi Va Vo’e Vo

46. Vi Va Vo’e Ve

47. Vi Va Vo

48. Vi Vo VaVo’e Vo

49. Vi Ve VaVo’e Vo

50. Vi Vo VaVo’e Vo

51. Vi VoVo’e Va

52. Vi Va VoVe

53. Vi VoVa Va

javascript chat switch

There is an idea that tickles for a long time now. Its to do with unarticulated feelings. Maybe unarticulatable feelings? Anyway, am very unhappy with operating systems. I think they do not recognise networks, the fact that we are linked, and even the tools that consider themselves linked – are too static. eg basecamp, google docs, etc.. They are kind of self contained and do not recognise the links between elements, the switches – or possible ones. eg, if i type a document, i want to click and make part of it a txt to a friend. click and blog that bit, click and send it to my phone, click and add a code, click and turn something into dna, click and do todo, click and get a bot searching to update, click and stream, click and later, click and idk..

The stuff i think might recognise networkabilities is actually Chat, imho. So am going to begin with chat and javascript because that’s best i kind of have a clue – js that is – and see where it takes?