proof of no proof proofing unproved the proover dis-prover

protocols? Check some anti pro west news on, where they posted some details re Greenwald’s assertion that spy agencies do various online manipulations they really should not.. However the reality of the situation really is, in terms of news manipulations, the point is precisely that even if it does not occur – it is […]

the colliding imagination search as a being of Being not dead being that used to?

Just posted to media-curating-lust and presented stuff a bit as a search, but perhaps not fully.. i wanted to say also that its not needed to specify certain elements because people could make their own.. Not just in mind but in shareable way, on the network. How evr this would have requred me talking about […]

how to kill a us president without taking their life while being a mass murderer?

How do I imagine a couple being accused of being a mass murderer by killing bush/obama/clinton – while the accuser acknowledging the people are still alive? I think this will be an interesting and worth while search in itself! However, or it might be an element of the search, the question of act & language […]

browsers and networking and time to rethink? – a new browser to watch? NoT mozilla, which could be a refresh!! Specially following their latest flirts with the guys in foxxcon.. I find the representation of the thinking behind it fairly interesting..

a network-based view of webdesign?

I wonder how flat websites could evolve.. Should mention this to Phil!! (..was always into flat..) Its very interesting.. To have some info and the services from all over the place? Hummm…

apple face amazon book google micro stumbleupon soft bank?

I begin to notice a fair few capitalists – eg pheed – make a bit of a noise that They will not keep YouR data. Your content will be only yours, you just let us keep it, right? Is it not a bit like the money that is Yours and the banks let you keep […]

categorically prejudiced ideologue

An interesting lecture a Human Behavioral Biology by Robert Sapolsky . – About 15 mins in he is talking about categories and the prejudicial difficulties they produce. The tack that is critical of categories seems very attractive to me. Perhaps am blinded by the attractiveness, however the notion of checking cause and effect to counter […]

under the stand hypo stasis sub stance behind the visible

It feels like the terms we use for imagining how stuff IS, are based on concepts of ancient minds that asked questions of in-consequential nature? Perhaps epistemological nature when we try to get ontological? How come these ideas come to mind.. Hummm.. Well: * it began by checking substance. Sub and stance which has a […]

#heg13, equalpay and the reasons i will vote green, you?

I wanted to vote “anything but” @BHgreens . Nationally, @thegreenparty in general and @CarolineLucas in particular – despite recent political t-shirted stunts – are V disappointing imho. (..attempting to reform capitalist outlets is a de-facto acceptance of #capitalism, hence placing page #3 images on par with financial rather than cultural legitimacy. @CarolineLucas version of […]


How to be a collidable network sound and live to tell about it? (H2BACNSAL2TAI?) WHAT IS H2BACNSAL2TAI? H2BACNSAL2TAI is a group activity that builds, and possibly destroys, a sonic network. H2BACNSAL2TAI imagines how networkable sound lives, from the view of sounds, via to the creation of collisions & networks. Data networks made of bits known […]

javascript chat switch

There is an idea that tickles for a long time now. Its to do with unarticulated feelings. Maybe unarticulatable feelings? Anyway, am very unhappy with operating systems. I think they do not recognise networks, the fact that we are linked, and even the tools that consider themselves linked – are too static. eg basecamp, google […] remote … remote encounters, #network #performance etc. shame not streamed, nor can i afford time and money to get there 🙁