autonomy (im)possible in the shadow of radical-openness?

A few months ago I applied to attend the radical-openess 2014 event. The application was rejected and that gave rise to what seems like an interesting opportunity to Do the stuff suggested on the application in a different way – a manner which might be perceived as being in the shadow of the event taking […]

autonomy (im)possible in the shadow of radical-openness – emails

There was a bit of an email exchange sequence to do with the refusal by radical openness to support the shadow-spot idea. Here’s the text: (minus some personal details..) > Dear Aharon, Dear Ushi, Many thanks for your considered reply. Thoughtful and provoking! Cheers! 🙂 Apologies for late reply. Am currently in Palestine doing various […]

quick thoughts on strands, sequences and systems?

These thoughts follow a quick read about analogue computing – neuromorphic style. From a rhythmic point of view, the sequences and strands move/operate by reacting/interacting/connection/linking/exchanging with one another. The more these operations occur, the denser the proximity between strands and the frequencies of activities is quick/high. Because there are strands and sequences going in all […]

dis de and centralised

illustrated? networks or just one?

string, sequences, gravity, rhythm, order and

attempting to link something? this is not, i think, a collision linked link.. Collision should be later, no? ok.. say: gravity/falling-object (eg an apple being pulled by gravity) this is a certain sequence.. On this level I might not be too concerned that gravity might be a phenomenon made of other stuff, or that the […]

#art blackhole the network around(?) the gallery? #bdf13 (an acronym and a neural network?) (virtual galleries curated on a network?) (an image gallery of computer networks?) (an image gallery of networking event?) (image being culturally associated with galleries, even in neural network context?) (image compression in neural networks?) (neural-based image production?) (the gallery as an […]

how todo cache art?

Cache art? The search of imagination cultivations – perhaps switchmode processes – that could allow people to question and reflect via multiple means upon the practices of caching?