where do we search from when we use freedom?

ok.. this is an honest-intended-felt question.. okturtles (good luck to them), claim that “Freedom has a Namecoin”. That via Hiding/Encrypting messages, we will be free to exchange ideas and express ourselves as we might please – or there about. (they are not very precise in how freedom is, errr, defined.. kind of cool when you […]

when freedom is google, ms, twitter, apple, fb and

other corporations to define – individual rights are an option and financial requirements are above the law.. Based on the guardian reporting that the top digital capitalistic corporations that: * they are concerned about “trust” in the internet. Read – trust in certain corporations, and/or how it is currently organised – not the internet as […]

lavabit a bit of a hypocrite?

Democracy now has an interesting and self promoting in terms of contradictions, (hence hypocritical imho, interview with lavabits’ head Ladar Levison. * Lavabit is a for profit company, not a service. If you wanted to enjoy its encryption – you had to pay. The state, and fbi as part of it, is the effective guarantor […]