the if of then-lessness in a + b?

Language imagination is, I think, or in my mind, is a fascinating topic/subject/process/practice to be involved with. The article here attempts to report a current debate about language and mind – however it seems (or perhaps the studies as well, have not read them so clueless) to focuse on a sort of if – then […]

art and flexibility based on convenient needs – otherwise known as hypocrisy?

There seem to be a bunch of people that make objects which they term “art”. Once the “art” is used, they think it bestows added value, a numerical exchange value, which they seem happy to redeem. On one hand the object becomes “special” because it might express some cultural value and meaning. On the other […]

#art blackhole questions: the objects/elements around the gallery? #BDF13 (elements as “the elements”? Are the elements a gallery?) (objects internationalised?) (object as a name or a pun?) (OOP and a gallery?) (objects, elements, images, and HTML?) (OOP as out of place as a gallery?) (OOP as Alley Oop in a gallery?) (another Out Of Place gallery?) […]