delegative liquid vote democracy at london open institute (Le-OI)

Tonight there is going to be a chat at hosted by David Bovill of: re “liquid” law and “liquid” democracy. Jordan Greenhall, is invited to talk about his vision for a society.. Ouch! When I hear Vision for other people that kind of assumes, presumes the other people are blind? Or presumes something […]

oye! oi! oy! open institute of london

Spent some time yesterday at the “art & culture” day of the Was interesting in the way that meeting intelligent and bright people always tends to be.. + found a spot by the local hardware shop on great eastern st corner/circus with shoreditch high st, that seems to have sheesha galore.. However, I kept […]

#BHOpenDoor lip balm[ed] servi…

#BHOpenDoor lip balm[ed] service 4 #open cld b expected, lack of imagination, guile & dare in young intelligent mind leading #brighton = 🙁

#brighton’s jason kitcat econo…

#brighton’s jason kitcat economy talk in #BHOpenDoor – with so many gate keepers #greens give #open a bad name